The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 282 - Like a Turtledove Taking over a Magpie’s Nest II

Chapter 282: Like a Turtledove Taking over a Magpie’s Nest II

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Only a few bushes of herbal fruit trees were left…
Fu Chen falteringly exclaimed, “Yeah, Qing Han and I would stop eating after we’re full, but we were barely full just now…”
Sob… Mother was too scary, he had only eaten some spirit herbs, why did Mother become so angry?
Feng Ruqing felt an ache in her heart.
To cultivate those spirit herbs, she had taken a few days to plant all of them, and it took her a few more months before the spirit herbs were ripe.
But alas, they were all eaten!
Foregoing the spirit herbs that had been eaten, even the Grade-5 spirit herbs that she had painstakingly procured were gone as well!
All gone!
Feng Ruqing clenched her fists to the point where they made popping sounds. If it was not because of Fu Chen’s cute appearance, she would not be able to control her explosive temper.
“Mother… Calm down, calm down, we won’t eat anymore! Qing Han and I are going to digest them now, after we have finished digesting, we could help you beat the bad guys again, really! And we could even avenge your mom’s death!”
It took some effort but Feng Ruqing managed to calm herself down.
But her heart in her chest was still beating furiously. She felt like grabbing that little guy and giving his behind a good beating.
“Mother…” Qing Han innocently tugged at Feng Ruqing’s sleeve. “Qin Han now knows her fault, please don’t be angry, Mother. I will never eat them all next time.”
The girl’s pure and innocent voice made Feng Ruqing feel a lot better. She turned toward Qing Han and her smile returned. With a gentle voice, she said, “Never mind, what is done is done. Next time, just leave a little for me.”
Fu Chen was speechless.
Mother’s favoritism was too obvious!
Sure, blame him for being born as a guy and not a girl!
“Qing Han, Fu Chen said just now that once you have digested the herbs, your strength will increase?”
Qing Han nodded. “Yes, Mother. Brother Fu Chen and I need to sleep to digest. We did not dare to sleep just now because we were worried about Mother. Now that everything’s okay, Brother Fu Chen and I may not be here with you for a while.”
“That’s okay, you both should take a good rest soon.” Feng Ruqing was still smiling. But then she glared at Fu Chen. “That’s not only my mother, she is your grandmother as well. It is only natural that you help me to avenge her death.”
Fu Chen’s jaw dropped.
What a tough mother to attend to.
And now, he even had a grandmother to deal with…
“Yes, Mother.”
As long as it appeased Mother’s anger, he would even call her great-grandmother, much less grandmother.
“Okay, the medium is intact, I will go now.” Feng Ruqing’s heart softened as she saw how obedient Fu Chen was. “Next time, leave me some if you guys want to eat the spirit herbs… even a strain would be fine.”
“Yes, Mother.”
Feng Ruqing didn’t say anything more. She suppressed the pain in her chest and disappeared from the medium with teary eyes…
The Forest of Spirit Beasts.
Above the skies, the Fengyun guardian Wen Feng coldly stared at the horizon that was lined with smoking treelines. He wore a cold smile.
“With so many people self destructing, those people and spirit beasts would have been gravely injured if they did not die in the impact. As for Tang Yin… there’s no way she could live at her level.”
In the end, he had completed what his young lady had ordered him to do.
Though it came at a terrible cost.
Wen Feng did not even dare to look back.
That Tier-5 three-striped tiger would not perish so easily. Returning to the scene would be suicidal. Therefore, Wen Feng left without any hesitation.