The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 283 - Like a Turtledove Taking over a Magpie’s Nest III

Chapter 283: Like a Turtledove Taking over a Magpie’s Nest III
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He needed to report this to the young lady at once.
At the great hall of Fengyun Manor, Tang Yu’s proud eyes coldly watched over the crowd sitting beneath her.
She had a smug smile on her lips.
‘So what if you, Tang Yin, have gained recognition from people from the other side? So what if there are many among the Tang family who would help you? At the end of the day, I would still crush you under my feet, there would be no chance for you to recover!’
“Has Wen Feng returned?” Her eyebrows furrowed as she asked coldly.
As soon as she finished her words, a trembling figure came in from the door and hurried toward Tang Yu. He half-kneeled on the ground. “Young Lady, I have returned.”
Tang Yu squinted. “How was the mission?”
It was as if drums were beating in Wen Feng’s heart. If the young lady knew about what had happened in the Forest of Spirit Beasts, the young lady would think him useless.
‘Tang Yin must have been dead for sure, and the young lady who had assisted her was probably dead or gravely injured. When the time comes, she could still send people out to kill the young lady. There would be no difference, therefore there was no need to let the young lady know.’
“Young lady, Tang Yin is dead. Unfortunately, we killed Tang Yin in the Forest of Spirit Beasts. That triggered a wave of attacks from the spirit beasts. Except for me, some of the people from the Feng Yun family didn’t make it.”
News of their deaths would have spread around the Feng Yun clan sooner or later. It would be better for him to break the news first.
Tang Yu grasped her chair tightly with both her hands.
‘Tang Yin is dead!’
Tang Yin, who robbed her of her fiance, was finally dead!
Tang Yu had an urge to laugh at the sky, but she managed to hold it in. Her face seemed pleased as she gently arose from her chair.
“Good, very good! Wen Feng, you will stay by my side from today onward. Serve me well, and you shall be rewarded!”
Wen Feng was overjoyed. “Thank you, Young Lady!”
Sure enough, the way he curried favor was on point. No one in Fengyun Manor would dare look down upon him in the future.
“I will be staying in Fengyun Manor for a while. Men, tidy up a courtyard for me.” Tang Yu stood up. “Forget it, I will go look for a suitable residence on my own. Follow me, Wen Feng, and let that Hong Yu girl serve me.”
Hong Yu, one of the guardians of the Fengyun clan, was now asked by Tang Yu to be a servant?
The people of Fengyun clan looked at each other and did not dare to respond.
Tang Yu’s face grew dark. “What? You people won’t allow her to serve me?”
“Young Lady…” The youths beneath her could not hold it in anymore. “Hong Yu is a guardian, not a servant.”
Tang Yu coldly chided. “Earlier on, Fifth Elder had already confirmed my identity and that was why he went in search of the other Elders who were in closed-door cultivation. Naturally, I am to rule over Fengyun Manor. I am the Lady of Fengyun Manor, when I ask someone to serve me I expect them to step up. Or else, when Fifth Elder returns, I will ask him to incapacitate you lot!”
In actual fact, if she had not known that the fifth elder had gone to the forbidden grounds, she would not dare to boss around in Fengyun Manor.
Somehow, although her identity had been confirmed, she still felt insecure when facing the elders. That was why she did not stay on for long in the Manor.
Luckily, those wretched old men were no longer in the Manor. Fengyun Manor was now hers to control.
“But…” The youth was not satisfied.
Hong Yu was still a little girl when she was picked up by their master more than ten years ago. A few years ago, she had reached Dark Warrior tier and rose up to become one of the guardians. How would she be willing to become a servant?