The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 286 - Their Suspicion II

Chapter 286: Their Suspicion II
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“She went to Fengqing Court.”
Fengqing Court was a forbidden place of Fengyun Manor.
Everyone sank into silence and breathed shallowly as soon as Hong Yu finished her words.
“There are plenty of precious herbs and spirit herbs in Fengqing Court. Even the stones in the courtyard are Dark-Spirit Stones used for spiritual qi cohesion. They are extremely pricey. The water flowing in the courtyard was taken from the sacred lake in the Forest of Spirit Beasts and involved a great effort of many people in Fengyun Manor. The paintings on the wall were the valuable artworks of some renowned artists. Even the cups were…” a young man with iron bomb said. His voice was full of agitation and anger.
Before he could finish his words, a man stopped him.
“Stop talking. It doesn’t add value to the whole situation. It is true that the token that Tang Yu is holding belongs to the lady of Fengyun Manor and whoever holds the token would naturally be the young lady of Fengyun Manor. However, the token was meant for the Lady of Fengyun Manor’s daughter. How did Tang Yu get the token?” The man in green robe rubbed his temple as he said. Moreover, he could sense the faint aura and cultivation skills of the Lady of Fengyun Manor in Tang Yu.
Hence, Tang Yu was truly the apprentice of the lady of Fengyun Manor and no one doubted this. If Tang Yu killed her and took the token away, the lady of Fengyun Manor would definitely not pass down her cultivation skill to Tang Yu.
However, why would the lady of Fengyun Manor take such a haughty apprentice who had always been riding roughshod over anyone who stood in her way?
“Qing Yuan, since you were always tasked to go out of the manor, please also search for the lady of Fengyun Manor. I don’t believe that she is dead. After all, besides the elders in Fengyun Manor, only Hong Yu, you, and I have met Master Feng Yun before.” Feng Ying’s face darkened.
“Should we check on her family member? It is nothing, with our current strength. Perhaps…” Qing Yuan gritted his teeth as he asked.
“No! The lady of Fengyun Manor doesn’t want us to disturb her family member no matter what happens. As her identity is special, she doesn’t want to put her family member in trouble. We should never pass her portrait around.” Feng Ying shook his head resolutely.
It was a piece of cake for Fengyun Manor to look for someone. However, they needed a portrait to do so. Now that even the people in Fengyun Manor had never met the lady of Fengyun Manor, it was a great challenge for them to look for her.
There were a few times when they wanted to look for her with her portrait. But they had quickly bit back the urge to do so as the Lady of Fengyun Manor had mentioned that if the people out there knew what she looked like, her family member would be in trouble.
Hence, the few of them had been searching for her for ten years, but all the effort went down the drain.
Qing Yuan wanted to say something but seeing that no one had agreed with him, he could not help but bite back his words.
“Tang Yu is lying! I will never believe that she had taken Tang Yu as her apprentice!”
“Although Fifth Elder had proved that Tang Yu is associated with the Lady of Fengyun Manor, there are still a lot of questions left unresolved in his mind. Hence, he went to the forbidden place to discuss with the other elders,” Feng Ying’s eyes lit up as she said.
In fact, they did not fully trust Tang Yu. However, as they could not prove that Tang Yu was lying, they closed their eyes to her deeds. However, once they found the proof, they would not let her off so easily.
“Check Tang Yu’s identity and who has she been contacting all these years.”