The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 288 - Their Suspicion IV

Chapter 288: Their Suspicion IV
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationIn the palace of Liu Yun Kingdom.
Baohe Hall was full of dancing and music.
The dancer in red robes was dancing along with the music. Her movements flowed with a dazzling grace that took away the breath of every one of her audience.
Feng Tianyu was the only one sitting restlessly with his brows knitted together.
“Have you found Qing’er yet?” Feng Tianyu asked the eunuch who was standing next to him softly.
Feng Ruqing informed him via a letter that she would leave the city for a while and would be back very soon. However, two months had passed and Feng Ruqing had not returned. Feng Tianyu had tasked a few people to look for Feng Ruqing but all his efforts went down the drain.
‘Where did this little maiden go?’
“Your Majesty, don’t worry. The state preceptor has gone out to look for Her Highness. She is safe,” the eunuch answered respectfully.
Feng Tianyu merely sighed. Even though the state preceptor was searching for Feng Ruqing, as a father, he would naturally worry about his own daughter.
A laugher sounded. Feng Tianyu quickly regained his focus.
“Your Majesty. I heard that Empress Nalan was valiant and heroic in bearing. Her daughter must not be inferior to her. It would be a great honor for me to meet Her Highness—Feng Ruqing. ”
“Your Highness Shen Yue, as you have always stayed in the Long Ao Kingdom, it is only natural that you know nothing about Feng Ruqing. Not only is she ugly, but she is also bratty and spoilt. She is such a jinx that her mother had died due to delivery complications. She is such an ill-bred shrew…” An envoy of Long Ao Kingdom said.
Feng Tian Yu could no longer suppress his anger and slammed his fist on the table. His cold gaze swept passed the people in the hall and his mouth twisted in a contemptuous sneer.
“Your Majesty!” Eunuch Ling panicked.
As Feng Tianyu’s health was declining day by day, he had even taken the hawthorn berry to boost his health for this banquet with the officials from Long Ao Kingdom. With his current health condition, he could lose his life if angered.
Feng Tianyu raised his hand to stop Eunuch Ling as he squinted disdainfully at the envoy of the Long Ao Kingdom. His gaze was as cold as a sword, but his face was still calm and composed. His unruffled expression hid a storm brewing behind his eyes.
This time, a wine cup slammed straight into the envoy’s forehead before Feng Tianyu could utter a word.
“Nalan Jing, what are you doing?” Prince Shen Yue slammed at the table as he got up. His stunned face was engulfed with rage.
This young master from the general manor had actually lain his hands on the officials from Long Ao Kingdom before Prince Shen Yue?
“Ah… I have almost forgotten that we have called off the marriage between you and Zi Yan. It is natural that you would lose your mind. Moreover, what the envoy said is right. The princess of Liu Yun Kingdom—Feng Ruqing, is nothing but a scumbag!” Shen Yue sneered disdainfully.
Previously, when Empress Nalan was still alive, Liu Yun Kingdom was the top of all four kingdoms. However, sixteen years since the passing of Empress Nalan, Liu Yun Kingdom was no longer as prosperous as it used to be.
Not only had Liu Yun Kingdom lost its foothold, Feng Tianyu did not even have a son to inherit the throne.
Although Feng Tianyu had two daughters, one of them was at the barracks while the other one was good for nothing!
“Even if Long Ao Kingdom did not call off the arranged marriage, I will never marry someone who condemns my cousin!”Nalan Jing’s face was indifferent but his gaze was icy cold.
“Haha! I really don’t understand. Her Highness Princess Rushuang is so beautiful, gentle, humble, smart, and talented. However, all of you are actually siding with a princess that is good for nothing? Are you too foolish or is Feng Ruqing too good at playing tricks?”