The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 289 - The Narcissist—Prince Shen Yue I

Chapter 289: The Narcissist—Prince Shen Yue I
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationNoble Consort Rong was hiding behind the folding screen.
Seeing Shen Yu’s disdainful look, the corner of Noble Consort Rong’s lips curved into a sinister sneer.
‘Feng Ruqing, no matter how much His Majesty loves you, you are no match for Shuang’er in every aspect—physical appearance, disposition and strength. Everyone knows how amazing Shuang’er is and you will always live in her shadow.’
Liu Yuchen gulped down the cup of wine in his hands.
Shen Yue’s scornful words drifted through his ears and vanished in the air, but deep inside, his heart was rippling.
Feng Ruqing was such a master in playing tricks. Not only did she defeat Shuang Shuang, but even the people who had always been backing Feng Rushuang had also now turned to Feng Ruqing. Now that even Liu Yuchen could not get rid of her cold and nonchalant gaze that kept flashing through his mind.
If only Liu Yuchen was given a chance again, perhaps, he would not divorce her. He would make her his wife while Shuang Shuang his consort. However, Feng Ruqing was no longer in love with him.
“Feng Ruqing is my daughter and no one else can slander her. Since you are a guest from Long Ao Kingdom, you should know what a guest should and shouldn’t do. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being merciless.” Feng Tianyu got up slowly and stroked his imperial dragon robe as he said. His imperial dragon robe was fluttering back and forth despite the lack of wind in the room.
“If this is the case, let me be frank with you. I am here today for a politically-arranged marriage to bring both Long Ao and Liu Yun Kingdoms together. Even though it is only as an imperial concubine, it is beyond Feng Ruqing’s reach. Hence, please give me Princess Feng Rushuang instead.” Shen Yue laughed scornfully.
As soon as Shen Yue finished his words, the hall was abuzz with chatter.
The prince of the Long Ao Kingdom was actually here for a politically-arranged marriage in getting an imperial concubine for Long Ao Kingdom? The princess of Liu Yun Kingdom was only worth to be an imperial concubine?
Long Ao Kingdom had gone too far. Simply no one could bite back such humiliation.
The table before Feng Tianyu disintegrated into pieces, scattering to the ground.
“My daughter is not meant for you. She is meant for the most preeminent man in the world. Don’t even think about an imperial concubine, even the title of an imperial consort is not good enough for her.” Feng Tianyu sneered as he glanced at Shen Yue.
Feng Tianyu did not mention Feng Rushuang. All he talked about was Feng Ruqing.
Noble Consort Rong clenched her fists tightly. Her face darkened a few shades, her eyes were full of resentment.
‘The most preeminent man of the world? In your dreams! Feng Ruqing is no match for Feng Rushuang. Who would actually fall for her?’
“Your Majesty, I know that you have lost your temper from embarrassment. After all, there are too many ladies who want to marry me. I am here today to marry Feng Rushuang and it has nothing to do with Feng Ruqing. She is not good enough for me. I am afraid that you are wasting your effort by forcing me to marry her.” Beaming with pride, Shen Yue flipped his hair.
Of all the four kingdoms, Long Ao Kingdom was the largest and most prosperous kingdom. There were a few people in the kingdom who had attained Spirit Warrior tier besides the emperor of Long Ao Kingdom.
Nevertheless, Shen Yue was truly something. He was the most talented person in Long Ao Kingdom as he had attained Immediate True Warrior tier at such a tender age.