The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 290 - The Narcissist—Prince Shen Yue II

Chapter 290: The Narcissist—Prince Shen Yue II
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationApart from the people in reclusive world, Shen Yue was unrivaled in the secular world. It was only natural that Feng Ruqing wanted to marry him. As the emperor loved Feng Ruqing so much, he would definitely fulfil Feng Ruqing’s dream.
However, little did Feng Tianyu know that Shen Yue had actually fallen for someone Feng Tianyu was not fond of—Feng Rushuang.
Hence, Feng Tianyu had put his foot in his mouth out of rage.
‘Pfft! The most preeminent man of the world? It’s total nonsense!’
As the reclusive world was not part of the secular world, Shen Yue was naturally the most preeminent man of the world.
Nalan Jing tightened his grip on the wine cup. All of a sudden, the cup shattered and the debris dug into his palm, without him knowing it.
Nalan Jing quickly got up and moved swiftly toward Shen Yue. In a split second, Nalan Jing was standing before Shen Yue. His eyes were full of murderous intent.
Feng Tianyu did not stop Nalan Jing. It was true that Liu Yun Kingdom had unending strife both within and outside of the kingdom and Feng Tianyu was badly ill. However, no one could slander his daughter.
“Nalan Jing, who do you think you are to battle with me? I heard that Feng Ruqing had brought a lot of trouble to the General Manor. Am I right?” Shen Yue stretched his arm to block Nalan Jing’s fist as he sneered.
Hearing this, Nalan Jing’s body shook violently, his hands balled into fists.
Shen Yue was right. Indeed, Feng Ruqing had brought too much trouble to the General Manor. However, despite the fact that Feng Ruqing had changed, even if she was still as bratty as the old princess, Nalan Jing would not allow anyone to insult her as she was his only cousin. Both of them shared the same bloodline!
“I wonder how powerful the greatest talent of all the four kingdoms is.”
An overwhelming aura was emitted from Nalan Jing. In a flash, a dense spiritual qi engulfed him. With a grave look, his icy cold gaze stared disdainfully at Shen Yue.
“Intermediate True Warrior tier?” Shen Yue’s face darkened a few shades.
Simply no one knew how Shen Yue had actually attained Intermediate True Warrior tier. Even if he had always been regarded as a talented person, he had actually made a breakthrough as he was on good terms with Zi Yan. Hence, he had the opportunity to cultivate for one year in the reclusive world’s sacred land.
How did Nalan Jing make such a breakthrough?
Most importantly, Nalan Jing was a few years younger than Shen Yue. If this was made known to the whole realm, Shen Yue would no longer be the most talented person of the four kingdoms.
Thinking of this, Shen Yue’s eyes were filled with murderous intent.
“You truly have put in a lot of effort in order to win back Zi Yan’s heart. It is a pity that Zi Yan is not meant for you. She deserves someone better.” Shen Yue sneered.
Half a year ago, Long Ao Kingdom had called off the marriage between Zi Yan and Nalan Jing. Back then, Nalan Jing had not even reached True Warrior tier. Now that he had actually attained Intermediate True Warrior tier in half a year’s time. He must be doing this to win back Zi Yan’s heart.
“I have to tell you this…” Shen Yue walked up to Nalan Jing.
“Do you know who is Zi Yan’s fiancé? He is the guardian of Fengyun Manor. He has actually been given fifty pieces of Grade-2 spirit herbs, ten pieces of Grade-3 spirit herbs, and two pieces of Grade-4 spirit herbs as the dowry. Can you actually afford that?” The corner of Shen Yue’s lips lifted.
Liu Yun Kingdom could not even afford a piece of Grade-3 spirit herb.
Naturally, Long Ao Kingdom could buy the Grade-2 and Grade-3 spirit herbs. However, Grade-4 spirit herbs were truly precious and even the whole royal family was not capable of getting them. After all, Grade-4 spirit herbs were only available in the reclusive world and could hardly be found in the secular world.
Originally, Shen Yue had thought that Nalan Jing would lose his mind after hearing Shen Yue’s words. However, Nalan Jing did not give a tinker’s damn for his words. His face was still calm and composed.