The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 291 - The Narcissist—Prince Shen Yue III

Chapter 291: The Narcissist—Prince Shen Yue III
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationJust as Shen Yue was lost in wonder, Nalan Jing threw a punch at him.
As no one was allowed to carry weapons in the palace, both of them were having hand-to-hand combat.
The people around them had quickly moved away and a large area was left empty as they were afraid of getting into trouble.
Nalan Zhangqian tightened his grip on the cup as he stared anxiously at the two people battling before him.
‘This rascal had truly attained Intermediate True Warrior tier? The spirit wine was truly useful.’
However, Shen Yue had attained Intermediate True Warrior tier for such a long time. Naturally, he was not easy to deal with.
“Nalan Jing!”
Before Shen Yue could react, Nalan Jing had punched Shen Yue at his chest. Shen Yue stumbled backward and wiped off the blood oozing from the corner of his mouth as he stared at Nalan Jing with piercing eyes.
“You asked for this!”
Shen Yue knew that if he spared Nalan Jin’s life, he could never defeat Nalan Jing in the future. Hence, Nalan Jing must die! He would kill Nalan Jing at all cost.
Shen Yue took out a green berry from a box under his sleeve and swallowed it. Just as the green berry entered his throat, he could feel an overwhelming aura surging through his body and a dense spiritual qi almost erupted out of him.
Shen Yue threw a punch at Nalan Jing. The sudden burst of momentum was extremely fast and devastating like a ferocious storm.
“Jing’er, watch out!” Nalan Zhangqian panicked and rushed up to Nalan Jing.
However, a few people stood up and stopped him before he could reach Nalan Jing.
“General Nalan, this is the battle between His Highness Prince Shen Yue and Young Master Nalan. If you interfere, you are no doubt bullying those who are younger than you. What about your prestige? What about your dignity?” An old man sneered as he said scornfully.
Just as the old man talked, a deadly aura of the three elders emitted out of them as if a giant mountain was pressed against everyone’s head.
Spirit Warriors! All three of them were Spirit Warriors!
What had actually happened to Long Ao Kingdom? Why were there so many Spirit Warriors? It was natural that Shen Yue had such a big ego and feared no one even when he was in Liu Yun Kingdom.
Feng Tianyu could no longer sit back. He wanted to walk down to the battlefield.
At this time, all the imperial guards raised their shield up with weapons in their hands.
“Your Majesty!” Eunuch Lin stomped his feet anxiously.
Feng Ruqing mentioned that Feng Tianyu must not use his spiritual power. Otherwise, his health would decline further and he might not survive for even a year.
At this time, Shen Yue’s punch fell on Nalan Jing’s shoulder. Blood gushed from his mouth before he was sent flying a few meters back and finally landing on the stage of the banquet.
“Get out of my face!” Feng Tianyu stared coldly at the few elders who stood before him as he shouted furiously.
The elders did not move the slightest and stood fearlessly before Feng Tianyu.
“The emperor of Liu Yun Kingdom wants to interfere in the fair battle between Nalan Jing and I? You, Feng Tianyu, truly has no sense of shame. If the people outside this kingdom know about this, you are definitely making yourself a laughing stock of the whole realm.” Shen Yue’s lips curved into a scornful sneer.
“Fair battle? You are afraid that you would be defeated and you have actually resorted to the spirit herbs.” Feng Tianyu sneered.
“Haha! What’s wrong with enhancing my strength with spirit herbs? You can do it too. Ah… I have forgotten that Liu Yun Kingdom cannot afford spirit herbs without Nalan Yan. The spirit herbs store will never sell spirit herbs to you if you haven’t attained a certain tier.” Shen Yue let out a boisterous laugh.