The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 292 - The Narcissist—Prince Shen Yue IV

Chapter 292: The Narcissist—Prince Shen Yue IV
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationHence, even if the spirit herbs were precious, the demand was low.
As soon as Shen Yue finished his sentence, he walked up to Nalan Jing and helped him up from the ground.
“Stop it! You have defeated Jing’er with such a dirty trick. Now you still want to take his life?” Furious rage swept like fire swept over Nalan Zhangqian.
Shen Yue lowered his eyes as he sneered. He had defeated Nalan Jing because of the spirit herbs. What if Nalan Jing became stronger than him in the future? The most talented person of all four kingdoms must be Shen Yue only! Hence, Nalan Jing must die!
“Stop!” Nalan Zhangqian exploded with rage.
Just as Nalan Zhangqian wanted to rush up to Shen Yue, a man blocked his way.
“General, I have sent someone to inform Master Nalan and Master Qin. Once they are here, these three old coots will surely die!” A glimmer of viciousness flashed in Feng Tianyu’s eyes.
As Master Nalan and Master Qin had mellowed with age, they were not keen to attend the banquet. Moreover, they had never thought that the banquet would turn into a battlefield.
“Your Majesty, but…” With Feng Tianyu’s poor health, he could not handle the battle.
“You go and save Nalan Jing. Liu Yunxiao and I will buy you some time.”
“Liu Yunxiao, both of us will handle these three old coots! The rest of you shall leave the hall!” Feng Tianyu looked up as he said coldly.
Only people of the same tier could battle with Spirit Warrior tier. The rest of the people, regardless of the amount, were no doubt seeking their own demise.
Disregarding Feng Tianyu’s command, Liu Yunxiao merely sneered and continued enjoyed the wine carefreely, as if waiting to watch the battle.
As a minister of Liu Yun Kingdom, Liu Yunxiao had actually paid no regard to the emperor’s command?
If Feng Tianyu was not poisoned, he would be capable of handling all three members of Spirit Warrior tier without any assistance.
“Liu Yunxiao, what are you doing?” Nalan Zhangqian snarled.
“I can only help if His Majesty makes Rong’er the empress of Liu Yun Kingdom and eliminate Princess Feng Ruqing.” Liu Yunxiao smirked.
Feng Tianyu was on his high horse these days. Not only did he mistreat Rong’er, he had even sent Feng Rushuang to the barracks.
‘Feng Tianyu, you have totally disregarded the Liu family when you did that to Rong’er and Feng Rushuang, why should I help you?’
Moreover, Liu Yunxiao would be extremely thrilled if the three elders from Long Ao Kingdom could kill Feng Tianyu and the two scumbags of the Nalan family.
Standing behind the folding screen, Noble Consort Rong’s eyes lit up when she heard Liu Yunxiao’s words and turned to glance at Feng Tianyu. He was still enchantingly handsome with an indelible charm on his bright features. Even glancing at him sideways had made her heart palpitate with excitement.
As long as Feng Tianyu made Noble Consort Rong the empress and eliminate Feng Ruqing, she would no longer hold onto the enmity all through the years and be the best empress of the world.
Hearing Liu Yunxiao belligerent words, Feng Tianyu closed his eyes for a long while. When he opened his eyes again, his eyes were filled with evilness.
“I will handle these three old coots. The rest of you must not interfere!” Feng Tianyu would never let them ruin Liu Yun Kingdom, humiliate his daughter, and bully his nephew.
“Your Majesty!” Nalan Zhangqian’s face turned ghastly pale.
“I will buy Master Nalan and Master Qin some time. If anything happens to me, Feng Ruqing will be the emperor of Liu Yun Kingdom, seconded by General Nalan. There is no room for argument!” The corner of Feng Tianyu’s lips lifted a little.