The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 293 - How Mesmerizing and Gorgeous She Is I

Chapter 293: How Mesmerizing and Gorgeous She Is I
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationOriginally, Feng Tianyu wanted to pave the way for Feng Ruqing before passing down Liu Yun Kingdom to her. However, it was too late.
Fortunately, the Nalan family no longer held grudges against Feng Ruqing and could stay by her side. Thinking of this, Feng Tianyu felt immensely relieved.
Shen Yue threw a punch at Nalan Jing once again. Clutching his chest, Nalan Jing fell on the stage again. He stared coldly at the man coming his way.
“Nalan Jing, you are much worse than I have expected. Over a decade ago, your aunt—Nalan Yan, had destroyed Long Ao Kingdom. We could not help but give Zi Yan away for a politically-arranged marriage to restore peace in the kingdom. Now, that notorious woman—Nalan Yan, is no longer in Liu Yun Kingdom, what is Liu Yun Kingdom capable of doing?” Shen Yue’s eyes were burning with rage.
Previously, Feng Tianyu’s strength was still frightening even without Nalan Yan. Hence, people from Long Ao Kingdom merely attacked Liu Yun Kingdom at the border as they did not want to provoke Feng Tianyu. Currently, Long Ao Kingdom’s strength had greatly enhanced because of Zi Yan. Long Ao Kingdom could easily take over Liu Yun Kingdom. Hence, what else was Shen Yue afraid of?
“My aunt is right. Back then, the prince from Long Ao Kingdom had killed our civilians within our territory. As the empress of Liu Yun Kingdom, naturally, she must not let them off easily.” Nalan Jing wiped the corner of his lips as he got up.
Nalan Yan was right. The spoiled brats who had massacred and slaughtered the civilians at will were seeking their own demise.
“The lives of those civilians cannot be compared to my brother’s. This vicious woman had even stirred a war between two kingdoms just for the sake of those untouchables. That is not all, my brother died because of this. Now, not only is she dead, her daughter is nothing but a scumbag! She is rightly served! Haha!” Shen Yue’s eyes reddened with resentment.
Back then, Nalan Yan had only brought the Iron-Blooded army to the battlefield and all of them returned safely. On the contrary, Long Ao Kingdom had ended up with heavy casualties.
In order to restore peace and order in Long Ao Kingdom, Shen Yue’s brother could not help but offer his life as penance, and gave Zi Yan away for an arranged marriage. He had made a vow that Long Ao Kingdom would never kill anyone from Liu Yun Kingdom.
It was righteous retribution!
As the saying goes ‘every dog has its day’. Long Ao Kingdom was now the strongest and most prosperous kingdom in this realm. They even had kept in with the guardian of Fengyun Manor. It was never too late for revenge!!
A glimpse of viciousness flashed in Shen Yue’s eyes as another brutal punch fell onto Nalan Jing. Nalan Jing spat a mouthful of blood as color drained from his face.
“Jing’er!” Nalan Zhangqian’s eyes turned red.
Just as Nalan Zhangqian wanted to walk up to Nalan Jing, an elder blocked his way and took a swing at him. Before the punch fell onto Nalan Zhangqian’s chest, a big hand came into sight and held tightly onto the fist.
With the imperial dragon robe fluttering in the wind, the man who had come to Nalan Zhangqian’s rescue was stunningly handsome with a sense of aloofness. He pursed his lips together with a solemn look in his eyes.
“General Nalan, please take Jing’er away from here.”
“Your Majesty!”
“You all need to help Qing’er in future. Hence, everyone in the Nalan family must stay alive!”
Spiritual qi was released from Feng Tianyu’s palm, and the elder was sent a few meters back before he could catch his balance and steady himself.
Taking the emperor’s command, all the imperial guards did not move. However, none of them left the hall too. They merely unsheathed their swords with the blade facing the people on the battlefield.
The rest of the ministers were hiding at the sidelines. After all, the battle between two Spirit Warriors was not something that they could handle.