The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 294 - How Mesmerizing and Gorgeous She Is II

Chapter 294: How Mesmerizing and Gorgeous She Is II
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationFeng Tianyu stretched his arm and took the sword from the hand of an imperial guard.
A light evening breeze blew. Feng Tianyu stood resolutely with a solemn look on his face as if he had made up his mind that he would fight until his last breath.
“Yan’er, I have promised you that I will move on and live a full life no matter what happens. However, I can’t keep my promise anymore. My life is meaningless without you. Because of Feng Ruqing, I have been struggling to live my life without you for years. Now, you will no longer be alone. We will meet in the underworld soon.” The corners of his lips subconsciously curved into a warm smile. In fact, Feng Tianyu felt immensely relieved when he had finally made up his mind.
Lost in wonder, the three elders exchanged glances.
‘Has Feng Tianyu lost his mind? He was actually smiling at this time?’
Before the three elders could regain their consciousness, Feng Tianyu rushed up to them.
At this time, dense spiritual qi engulfed Feng Tianyu’s body. The wind howled furiously. All the table and chairs were swallowed up by the wind, swirling in the air along with Feng Tianyu’s sword before plunging toward the three elders.
Seeing Feng Tianyu who was engulfed in dense spiritual qi, Eunuch Lin was terrified.
‘Your Highness, please come back! His Majesty is using spiritual qi. He is dying!’
Eunuch Lin did not know why there was actually a strange thought in his mind. But the only person came into his mind was the notorious princess—Feng Ruqing. If Feng Ruqing was here, she was capable of turning the tide.
The sword thrust forward, slashed down on the dragon throne and ripped it apart. However, the three elders were still safe and sound.
Feng Tianyu clutched his heart forcefully and coughed up blood. His face was pale.
It was true that Feng Tianyu could no longer play to his strength because of his health condition. He could definitely buy Master Nalan and Master Qin some time if he was still healthy.
“Your Majesty!” All the officials could no longer sit back and quickly got up. They thought that Feng Tianyu could hold on until help arrived. However, Feng Tianyu did not seem to be capable of handling the three elders even though the battle had just started and Feng Tianyu was actually the one who had cast the first stone.
Cough! Cough!
Feng Tianyu stumbled as he coughed and blood gushed from his mouth. He looked like a patient who was not far from death and would fall down anytime soon.
Slightly startled, Shen Yue roared with laughter.
“Feng Tianyu, you won’t pull through. You must have taken hawthorn berry to hide your health condition. Now that even the emperor of Liu Yun Kingdom is at death’s door. Who is capable of battling with me?”
Shen Yue’s words were sounded like thunder in a clear sky. Everyone in the hall was dumbfounded.
‘His Majesty is terminally ill? Why did he hide his health condition by taking the hawthorn berry? Doesn’t he know the deadly side effects of the hawthorn berry?”
Feng Tianyu lowered his eyes. Originally, he wanted to buy some time for Feng Ruqing. However, he had failed.
“No matter how seriously ill I am, I will never fall down before the vanquished foe of Empress Nalan.” Feng Tianyu wiped off the blood at the corners of his lips as he sneered.