The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 296 - How Mesmerizing and Gorgeous She Is IV

Chapter 296: How Mesmerizing and Gorgeous She Is IV
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation“Hmm.” Shen Yue did not even care about those two old people. He laughed mockingly. “They’re just two old dogs. I’ve got three Spirit Warriors here. How can you fight with them with just the two of you?”
Master Nalan’s hands trembled. There was great fury and hatred in his chest. He was too infuriated to even speak.
He asked Eunuch Lin to support Feng Tianyu. Then, he rushed toward Shen Yue.
His powerful body and fierce eyes were just like those back in those days when he had led the armies into the battlefield.
But, an elderly Spirit Warrior in green robes did not hesitate and soon he came to stand in front of Shen Yue. His held out his fist against Master Nalan’s attack.
Their fists met in a great explosion. There was a great force circling their bodies and it expanded to the surrounding. The banquet hall was destroyed and broken things were strewn all over the floor.
Everyone held their breath and did not dare to speak.
It was a real fight between two Spirit Warriors. It was so strong that no one could fight with it.
Master Qin had also joined in the fight. But, there were only two Spirit Warriors in Liu Yun Kingdom and Feng Tianyu was hurt and he could not fight anymore.
But, they were facing three Spirit Warriors.
They were outnumbered.
Every minister was in deep despair. Their hope disappeared as soon as it came.
“Liu Yunxiao, why don’t you go and help?” Censor Lin was furious. ‘Liu Yunxiao is a minister of Liu Yun Kingdom. Now, Liu Yun Kingdom is in great trouble. Why was he standing there and not lending a hand?’
Their strength was weak. But, Liu Yun Xiao was a Spirit Warrior too. ‘Is he planning to watch Liu Yun Kingdom being destroyed?’
Liu Yunxiao smiled coldly. “Why should I help? Feng Tianyu is going to give Liu Yun Kingdom up because of that useless Feng Ruqing.So, why should I lend a hand?”
‘I’ve given Feng Tianyu a chance. He could just dismiss Feng Ruqing’s status and nominate Rong’er as the queen. Then, I’ll help.’
‘It’s him whom had chosen to keep Feng Ruqing as his heiress and he did not even want to ask for my help. So, why should I help?’
“You…” Censor Lin was infuriated.
‘I thought that all of the people of Liu Yun Kingdom would unite to fight against the threatening force regardless of our bad relationships but Liu Yunxiao is really stubborn.
‘It’s wonderful!’
Lin Yunshi smoothed his sleeves. He stood up. “I, Censor Lin know that my strength is weak. I’m just a True Warrior. I cannot fight against the three Spirit Warriors. But, I do know that our kingdom is nearing its end. I’ll not hide and be a coward like somebody even if I have to die because of this.”
After that, he walked forward.
All the other loyal ministers stood up after they saw Censor Lin’s bravery. They knew that there were great enemies in front of them. But, they also knew that if they retreated, they were only cowards who watched their kingdom being destroyed.
They would die just to protect their kingdom. It was their responsibility as well as their commitments.
“A group of crazy people.” Liu Yunxiao could not endure it and chided them.
He saw that Master Qin could not endure a Spirit Warrior’s attack. He felt quite pleased.
He also saw a minister who was killed just as the minister rushed forward. He could not help but laugh out aloud.
‘It’s a wonderful feeling!’
But, just at that moment, the half-closed door of the banquet hall was pushed open with a great spiritual force. The door was destroyed and it fell onto the ground. There was dirt everywhere.
But, that spiritual force did not disappear and it slashed the shoulder of one of the Spirit Warriors when everybody was defenseless.