The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 297 - How Mesmerizing and Gorgeous She Is V

Chapter 297: How Mesmerizing and Gorgeous She Is V
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationThe Spirit Warrior was just in time to respond and avoid the attack. If not, the attack would have cut through his heart instead of his shoulder.
The banquet hall fell into a deep silence.
The people of Long Ao Kingdom also kept quiet and all of them looked at the entrance of the banquet hall. They had even stopped breathing.
The night was dark and the moon shone coldly.
A snow-colored wolf rushed in and stood in the middle of the banquet hall.
There was a young lady on top of the snow wolf.
She was so pretty that it captivated everybody presence.
If Tan Shuangshuang was the most beautiful woman in Liu Yun Kingdom, then there was not even a word close enough to describe the beauty of the young lady in front of them.
Her skin was fair and she wore clothes with plain colors. Her body was slim and slender. Her eyes were just like those of a wolf. Those eyes seemed cold and merciless. It frightened the other people.
Liu Yuchen’s hand which was holding onto the wine glass froze at the sight. He stared at the young lady who was sitting on top of the snow wolf. His eyes were fixed upon that girl.
Liu Yuchen might not recognize Feng Ruqing if he still remembered Feng Ruqing as the plump girl weighing one hundred and fifty kilogrammes.
But, he saw Feng Ruqing the other day and Feng Ruqing had clearly slimmed down that day.
So, Liu Yuchen could easily recognize Feng Ruqing just by looking at her features.
‘How could she be that mesmerizing? She was still not that beautiful when I saw her the other day. She was only slightly prettier than Shuangshuang.’
Liu Yuchen admitted it now. ‘The last time I saw her, she was still plump but her features are so beautiful now that her beauty has surpassed a lot of women.’
However, Liu Yuchen saw her now and he realized that Feng Ruqing had become very mesmerizing. Even the most beautiful woman—Tan Shuangshuang could not be compared with her.
It was like comparing the sky with dirt!
Shen Yue was stunned compared to Liu Yuchen’s shock.
‘Where is this lady from? It’s impossible that I’ve never met this beauty.
Unknowingly, Shen Yue felt that this lady was quite familiar. It seemed that he had seen those features.
Feng Ruqing did not bother about others’ responses. Her gaze fell upon Feng Tianyu since she had stepped into the banquet hall.
Her heart hurt just by looking at Feng Tianyu in his weak state. There was great fury rising in her heart. It was mixed with the desire to kill.
‘I’ve never felt this much hatred before.
‘He’s my father who loves me so much since I came to this world. How could he be hurt like that?
‘I’ve promised that I’ll protect my family. But still I’ve come back too late.
“I’m sorry.”
Feng Ruqing was light like a gush of wind and she soon came to stand beside Feng Tianyu. Her hands were shaking. She took out a bowl of spirit soup from the medium.
“I’m sorry, Father. I’m late.”
‘Luckily, I still have a bowl of spirit soup left.’
The bowl of spirit soup was there for quite some time and its effectiveness had faded but it was still considered useful.
‘I’ll settle the things here first before brewing new spirit soup for my father. I’ll treat his new injuries first.’
Shen Yue heard what Feng Ruqing had addressed Feng Tianyu as. He was stunned for a while and his eyes narrowed. “Are you Feng Rushuang?”
Feng Tianyu had only two daughters. One was Feng Ruqing and another was Feng Rushuang.
‘Feng Ruqing is an obese girl who weighed over two hundred kilogrammes. The girl in front of me is not Feng Ruqing so she must be Feng Rushuang.’
‘I have never thought that Feng Tianyu would treat Feng Rushuang like that for the sake of a useless Feng Ruqing.Yet, Feng Rushuang finally came back to help Liu Yun Kingdom.’