The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 298 - She was Wild and Furious I

Chapter 298: She was Wild and Furious I
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation‘If…’
‘Feng Tianyu could present me with Feng Rushuang as my concubine and she must abandon her cultivation. Then, I’ll let Liu Yun Kingdom go.’
Shen Yue fixed his lustful eyes upon Feng Ruqing.
Shen Yue pictured the image of the girl’s two slender white legs being pressed onto the mattress. It might be because of his imagination that he had laughed out loud.
“Feng Tianyu, I didn’t know that Feng Rushuang is this captivating. If you promise to let her be my concubine, I’ll forgive every mistake that Liu Yun Kingdom had committed.”
Feng Rushuang?
Everyone present was shocked.
There was dead silence in the banquet hall.
Did Shen Yue mention Feng Rushuang?
But, where was Feng Rushuang. Why couldn’t they see her?
“Hmm.” Liu Yuchen chuckled softly at first.
His laughter became louder and finally it became a burst of crazed laughter.
There was only his insanity circling around the place in the dark night. It was frightening.
“She’s not Feng Rushuang.” Liu Yuchen’s voice was filled with pain and regret. “She’s… Feng Ruqing.”
‘Feng Ruqing, is that what you want?
‘You’ve worked so hard. You just want me to be filled with regret.
‘You’ve succeeded. I’m filled with regret.’
Liu Yuchen smoothed his temples. He seemed much older than his age.
He remembered that he had brought Tan Shuangshuang back home regardless of his father’s objection. Although he still could not persuade his father to give Tan Shuangshuang a status but it seemed that he had done the right thing in being responsible for her life.
But now, Liu Yuchen’s mother always argued with Tan Shuangshuang although she liked Tan Shuangshuang a lot before this.
He was a filial son and he could not oppose his mother because of Tan Shuangshuang. So, the chancellor’s manor was not peaceful these past two months.
He had not return to his home for a month now because he wanted to avoid being in the midst of the conflict.
‘If… if it’s Feng Ruqing.
‘She’s jealous of everybody. She had always opposed to my idea of marrying a concubine. But, she’s always loyal to my mom. She had never complained about my mom to me. She had never put me in a difficult position.’
‘But, there’s no hypothetical situation. It was me who had given up on her and now I’ve lost her.’
“Feng Ruqing?”
These three words were like thunder and it entered Shen Yue’s heart and it sounded deep in his heart.
“Did you say that she’s Feng Ruqing? Feng Ruqing’s a plump girl. It’s impossible that she’s Feng Ruqing.’
Nalan Jing wiped away the blood on his mouth. He stood up and smiled coldly. “My aunt is the most beautiful woman in the world and therefore my cousin is even more captivating.”
It was only because of Feng Ruqing’s previous eating habits that had made her obese. Now, she had slimmed down and surely her beauty was shown clearly.
Shen Yue was stunned.
At first, he thought that the girl in front of him looked familiar. Now, he looked at her closely and he found that the girl indeed resembled Nalan Yan.
But, she was more mesmerizing than Nalan Yan. As expected, the daughter was much more beautiful than her mother.
‘So, the girl in front of me is not Feng Rushuang. She’s… Feng Ruqing?’
‘How is it possible that she’s slimmed down so much?’
Shen Yue’s eyes rolled. ‘No matter who the girl is, as long as she is pretty.’
‘I’ll not mind that she’s useless.’
“I don’t care whether you’re Feng Ruqing or Feng Rushuang. If you want to save Liu Yun Kingdom today, you need to be my concubine and go to my kingdom with me.” Shen Yue’s eyes narrowed. He licked his lips in an evil manner and there was a lewd smile on his face.
Feng Ruqing raised her eyes. Her anger could not be suppressed now. It burned fiercely.
But, Feng Ruqing knew what was the most important matter now.
So, she took out the Divine-Spirit Fruit, which she had kept hidden before.