The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 300 - She was Wild and Furious III

Chapter 300: She was Wild and Furious III
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation“Who else hurt my father just now?”
The girl’s black eyes scanned through the people of Long Ao Kingdom. Her facial expression was savage and her voice was cold, filled with hatred.
“Spirit Warrior tier!”
Another warrior of Long Ao Kingdom recovered his senses and he shouted anxiously, “You’re of Spirit Warrior tier!”
The Spirit Warrior tier was the strongest tier in the four kingdoms.
Empress Nalan was the only one who had attained Spirit Warrior tier when she was quite young.
Nobody was that talented expect Empress Nalan.
Shen Yue was considered the first genius because he had achieved True Warrior tier when he was only twenty years old. It was already considered an exceptional case at that time.
But, how old was Feng Ruqing now?
Attaining Spirit Warrior tier at only sixteen years old?
How talented could a person be to make this breakthrough?
She had been considered a useless princess all the time.
Shen Yue took a few steps back in fear.
The humiliating words Shen Yue had said just now were like a slap on his face. It had embarrassed him.
‘Is Feng Ruqing really a useless person? If she is, then what am I?
‘The most useless person in the world?’
Shen Yue clenched his fists tightly. He felt that all the things he had experienced that day were out of the scope of his understanding and knowledge.
But, it was undeniable that Feng Ruqing had captured his attention now.
“Feng Ruqing!” Shen Yue tried to calm himself down. He smiled coldly. “I’ll admit that you’re talented. But, Zi Yan’s fiance is under Fengyun Manor’s protection. Long Ao Kingdom is closely related to Fengyun Manor. If you choose to be my woman, I’ll forgive what you have just done.”
“Fengyun Manor’s protection?”
Feng Ruqing smiled coldly.
Someone from Fengyun Manor was nearly killed by her in the Forest of Spirit Beasts.
Long Ao Kingdom was just relying on the strength of Fengyun Manor.
Feng Ruqing moved forward again and she aimed her fist at another Spirit Warrior.
That Spirit Warrior was frightened and he quickly moved away from the attack.
But, it was too late. The fist was punched onto his chest strongly and the spiritual force in his body went into a chaotic state.
That spiritual force was overpowering and soon the Spirit Warrior vomited a mouthful of blood.
“How dare you!”
The last of the Spirit Warrior rushed forward as his companion was still alive.
The snow wolf was upset now.
‘My master was happy in attacking the enemy one by one. Why did you come and disrupt that?’
The snow wolf howled and rushed toward that Spirit Warrior. All its strength was focused on its claws. It used its claws to slap the Spirit Warrior.
That slap was hard and unpredictable. The Spirit Warrior’s steps faltered and he nearly fell down from the attack.
The snow wolf howled again.
The snow wolf pointed at the Spirit Warrior angrily. It looked like an angry dog who was scolding the Spirit Warrior endlessly.
A Tier-4 snow wolf?
The snow wolf’s strength could not be hidden anymore when it attacked. Everyone realized that the wolf in the princess’s manor had advanced to become a Tier-4 snow wolf.
What had happened to the princess when she had disappeared for two months? She had made a breakthrough to Spirit Warrior tier and even her wolf had become a Tier-4 snow wolf.
Liu Yuchen’s hand trembled slightly. He swallowed his own regret.
He lowered his head so that he would not be noticed by Feng Ruqing.