The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 301 - She was Wild and Furious IV

Chapter 301: She was Wild and Furious IV
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationThe snow wolf had released its fury. It rushed forward and bit the Spirit Warrior’s neck.
The Spirit Warrior in front of Feng Ruqing had also fallen into a pool of blood and died.
Shen Yue was stunned and speechless.
All of the ministers were shocked.
No one had thought of this outcome.
Long Ao Kingdom only had six Spirit Warriors excluding the ruler.
Now, half of them had died.
Shen Yue’s body trembled now. He started to feel anxiety and great fear.
He had regretted now. He regretted that he had attacked Liu Yun Kingdom without any reason. He also regretted hurting Feng Tianyu.
He could not help but take a few steps back when he saw that Feng Ruqing was advancing toward him. “What do you want? I’m the prince of Long Ao Kingdom. If you kill me, Long Ao Kingdom will never let you go!”
Feng Ruqing laughed softly.
“Long Ao Kingdom will never let me go? It seems that they’ll let me go even if I don’t kill you.”
Shen Yue nodded immediately. “That’s right. If you let me go, Long Ao Kingdom will surely forgive you.”
Feng Ruqing laughed out loud.
She took a sword from a nearby imperial guard. Soon, Shen Yue’s chest was filled with blood after a slash of a sword.
“Are you crazy or do you think that I’m crazy?” Feng Ruqing stroked the cold sword with her finger. Her expression was cold and merciless. “Cousin, go ahead and hit him like how he had hit you just now. I want him to see for himself how Long Ao Kingdom is destroyed because of him.”
‘How dare you hurt who I care about when I’m not around!
‘If the ruler of Long Ao Kingdom did not give his order, how would Shen Yue be this daring here?
‘He even brought along three Spirit Warriors!
‘This is clearly a plot to destroy Liu Yun Kingdom.
‘So, what’s the harm of killing those Spirit Warriors? What I want is for Long Ao Kingdom to be no more!’
When Feng Ruqing was speaking, she pressed her finger softly on Shen Yue’s chest.
A spiritual force was released from her finger and it hit upon Shen Yue’s dantian. All of a sudden, Shen Yue’s dantian was scattered all over the place under the force of the spiritual force. He was in great pain and he vomited a mouthful of blood again. He seemed quite pale now.
“Aren’t you afraid of Fengyun Manor?” Shen Yue gritted his teeth and asked Feng Ruqing.
Feng Ruqing was still talking about the same thing. “You’re talking as if Fengyun Manor would let me go if I let you go.”
‘Fengyun Manor will come and attack us no matter what happens. So, I’ll kill Shen Yue first and destroy Long Ao Kingdom.’
“Feng Ruqing, you’re just like your mother! A vicious woman!”
Feng Ruqing laughed again.
Feng Ruqing seemed merciless as she stepped onto Shen Yue’s chest. Her voice was frightening.
“I beg your pardon. What did you say just now?”
Shen Yue kept his mouth shut quickly.
‘This woman is more vicious than Nalan Yan. At least Nalan Yan would kill that person fast and swift without prolonging the pain.’
Feng Ruqing kicked Shen Yue and let go of him when he stopped talking.
“Cousin, I’ll let you have him. Don’t kill him yet. I want him to see how I destroy Long Ao Kingdom.”
Nalan Jing looked at Feng Ruqing in great shock.
He was filled with complicated thoughts. He did not know that the situation would be reversed up until that state.
The arrogant Shen Yue had become their prisoner now.
A weak voice came to her from the back.
Feng Ruqing did not bother about anyone else when she heard that voice. She turned quickly and rushed toward Feng Tianyu. She held her father’s hand tightly. “Father, I’m here…”
Feng Tianyu looked at the girl in front of him. It seemed that the girl who had smiled at him beautifully sixteen years ago had come back to him now.