The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 303 - They Were Quite Fierce II

Chapter 303: They Were Quite Fierce II
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationQian Ning looked at Tang Yin in surprise.
‘The manor next to the princess’s manor was bought because they wanted to stay there for a long time. When did it become a place for renting?
‘Why didn’t she know about it?’
“Alright.” Qin Chen’s voice sounded cold.
It seemed that Qin Chen was only gentle toward Feng Ruqing.
“And…” Tang Yin was rather shy now. She lowered her head. “What kind of woman does the princess like?”
Qin Chen bit his lip. His aura seemed cold. The cold wind at night became chilly.
“She doesn’t like women.”
‘She doesn’t like women.
‘Doesn’t she like women?’
Tang Yin felt like it was a blow to her head. She almost fainted there and then. She could not even stand properly. Then, she sat on the floor weakly.
Qin Chen was only responsible for escorting Tang Yin back to her place. Thus, he turned and walked away. He wanted to go to the palace and look for Feng Ruqing.
But, he saw a girl riding on the snow wolf’s back in the moonlight just as he turned around.
She was beautiful and mesmerizing.
She seemed like the only color in the dark night.
Tang Yin cried.
She did not realize that Feng Ruqing was back. Her eyes were filled with tears. Her face became rather ugly with tear stains and dirt. It was a pitiful sight.
Feng Ruqing saw what happened and she gave a signal to Qin Chen. “Go back to the manor. I’ll handle this.”
Qin Chen nodded slightly. He looked at Feng Ruqing before returning to the princess’s manor.
Tang Yin did not stop crying. She only raised her head and looked at Feng Ruqing.
“What are you doing here?” Feng Ruqing frowned and asked Tang Yin.
Tang Yin’s eyes were swollen. “I’m sleepy and hungry. I don’t even have a place to go.”
She had suffered for two months before she finally found Feng Ruqing. Now, Feng Ruqing wanted to leave her behind after she had saved her.
“Aren’t you living next to me?”
‘This young girl lives beside me intentionally to climb over the wall to my place. Why does she have nowhere else to go now?’
Tang Yin used her dirty hands to wipe the tears away. “I’ve left the place for several months and they no longer want to rent it to me. Moreover, there are too many villains outside. The neighbour who lives just next to the house next to mine is very fierce. Qian Ning had accidentally cut down the tree in front of their house the other day and he went after us with a knife. Those villains bullied us because we have no one to rely on.”
‘Who is the neighbour who is staying next to the house next to Tang Yin’s manor?
‘That’s right! Isn’t it the Qin family?
‘Is she talking about Master Qin’s son?’
Feng Ruqing remembered that the tree in front of the Qin family’s manor. It was a tree which over a few hundred years old. It was a tree planted to bring fortune. It was cut down by Qian Ning.
‘How come Master Qin’s son did not kill them?’
“Furthermore, the man who lives at 301 Eastern Street is quite fierce too. Qian Ning had accidentally broken their door when she was chasing a thief. Consequently, that man had brought along an army to look for us. It frightened us so much so that we hid in the pigpen of somebody else’s house.”
“However, the woman of that house was rather fierce too. I had accidentally killed one of her pigs while I was hiding. She scolded me for fours hours.”
‘301 Eastern Street?
‘Isn’t that General Manor?
‘How much trouble have these two little fellows caused while I was cultivating these past few days?
‘Moreover, I want to know how have you broken a door when you were chasing the thief and how you managed to kill a pig just by hiding in the pigpen.’
“Xiao Qing, you’re the best. You aren’t fierce at all.” Tang Yin hugged Feng Ruqing’s leg and looked up at her with teary eyes. “Can you just keep me in your manor? If not, I would have to face those fierce people and I have nowhere else to go.”