The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 304 - They Were Quite Fierce III

Chapter 304: They Were Quite Fierce III
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationFeng Ruqing’s eyes narrowed. She scanned the loli in front of her. A sudden realization hit her.
“Have you heard of Five-Spirit Grass?”
Five Spirit Grass was a herb for treating poison and it was a Grade-5 spirit herb.
Feng Ruqing had made the breakthrough to Spirit Warrior tier now. She could grow Grade-4 spirit herbs. But, she still needed a Grade-5 spirit herb to cure her father’s illness.
Tang Yin was shocked as she lowered her eyes. “I have a few Grade-5 spirit herbs at home. But, I don’t know whether there is any Five-Spirit Grass. I’ll ask for you. If there is, I’ll bring it for you.”
“Little Lady?”
Qian Ning was shocked. The Tang family now only had a few Grade-5 spirit herbs. Even the elders did not dare to use them.
‘If Little Lady wants the Grade-5 spirit herb, she needs to sacrifice something.’
“Qian Ning, you go back to the Tang family now. I have a chance to choose a Grade-5 spirit herb in the Tang family. If there is Five Spirit Grass, I want that.”
Her status in the Tang family was special and she only had one chance to choose a Grade-5 spirit herb.
But, her strength was not high and Grade-5 spirit herbs were useless to her. Therefore, she had never used that chance.
‘But, now… I’ll give her whatever she wants.
‘I’ll give her whatever she wants!’
“Thank you.” Feng Ruqing’s throat was rather dry.
‘I don’t care what kind of purpose Tang Yin has in befriending me, as long as she can help me out now. I’ll accept her kindness.’
In fact, Feng Ruqing could plant the Grade-5 spirit herb if she was given ample time. But, she did not have enough time now.
She could not make a breakthrough to Dark Warrior tier in a month’s time.
At first, she had thought of the state preceptor but she had not seen him in the Southern Bamboo Grove. Hence, she had no choice but to seek help from Tang Yin.
Moreover, the state preceptor had absorbed a lot of power for Feng Ruqing’s sake. He must be hurt badly and so he had not returned to the Southern Bamboo Grove so that Feng Ruqing would not be worried about him.
“Tang Yin, I’ll compensate you with a hundred Grade-5 spirit herbs in the future if you could help me find the Five Spirit Grass.”
She never had a shortage of spirit herbs. What she was lacking was time.
Tang Yin smiled slightly. Her face was still dirty. But, both her dimples were cute.
“I don’t want spirit herbs. I just want to live in the princess’s manor.”
Qian Ning did not focus on what Feng Ruqing had said. It was because nobody could ever provide a hundred spirit herbs. Even Paramount could never do that.
This young girl was so determined to stay in the princess’s manor. She would not give up if she did not achieve her goal.
“Qian Ning…” Tang Yin was serious now. “Go back to Tang Residence now. If they don’t have Five Spirit Grass, ask them to go and look for it.”
“Alright, Little Lady.”
Qian Ning bit her lip. ‘It’s her decision. I’ll support her no matter what.’
Feng Ruqing was relieved. She turned around. “Just come in.”
The princess’s manor was peaceful and quiet in the dark night.
But, this serene atmosphere was disrupted once Feng Ruqing stepped into the princess’s manor.
“Princess, are you back?”
Squeak squeak!
Both Qing Ling and Liu Li’s excitement was mixed with those sounds made by the spirit beasts. The spirit beasts made excited roars. They quickly rushed toward Feng Ruqing.
The earth bear did not dare to give Feng Ruqing a hug because of its previous punishment. It stopped three meters away from her and looked at her with its excited eyes.