The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 305 - They Were Quite Fierce IV

Chapter 305: They Were Quite Fierce IV
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationFeng Ruqing held out her hand and stopped Qing Ling and Liu Li, who were coming toward her.
“Qing Ling, go to the herbs shop and give them the names of these herbs.” Feng Ruqing took out a piece of paper and gave it to Qing Ling. Then, she looked at Liu Li. “You go to Paramount now and ask them to look for Five Spirit Grass for me.”
She would not put all her hope on Tang Yin only.
Paramount’s influence covered the whole of the mainland. Maybe they could locate some Five Spirit Grass.
Although Paramount might have stock of Grade-5 spirit herbs but there were many types of Grade-5 spirit herbs. Moreover, Grade-5 spirit herbs were quite rare too. So, Paramount might not even have Five Spirit Grass.
She should not put too much hope on that.
“Princess, it is late now. The herbs shop might be closed by now.” Qing Ling took the paper and looked at Feng Ruqing hesitantly.
“Just bring Four-Armed Ape with you and knock on the shop’s door. The ape’s hand is long. If the shop does not have the herbs, they could give me the seeds.”
She wanted to use the herbs to cultivate spirit herbs. There was no difference if she used either seeds or herbs.
“Alright, Princess.”
Both Qing Ling and Liu Li did not know what had happened. But, they could guess the importance of those herbs to the princess just by looking at her anxious face.
They did not ask anymore questions. They just fulfilled the responsibilities of a maid.
“Beary, I’ve gathered some spirit beasts as servants in Forest of Spirit Beasts. Go and guide them.”
Beary roared excitedly.
It was proven that it could be a king in the Forest of Spirit Beasts if the princess had asked it to go and lead the spirit beasts.
It could no longer be suppressed and bullied by Butler Snow Wolf in the princess’s manor.
It just could not let go of the Divine-Spirit Fruit.
“That’s right. I’ll give you some Divine-Spirit Fruits. Remember to bring them with you.”
There was a vast difference between the Divine-Spirit Fruit cultivated by her and those cultivated by the spirit beasts.
The Divine-Spirit Fruits cultivated by the spirit beasts were ordinary. But, those cultivated by Feng Ruqing were much more delicious. It was because of her extraordinary spiritual power.
Hence, the spirit beasts give up on Feng Ruqing’s Divine-Spirit Fruits even though they had learnt how to cultivate them by themselves.
Surely, Beary had never thought of giving those Divine-Spirit Fruits given by Feng Ruqing to the spirit beasts. They could not even differentiate them so it would just give them the regular ones.
“Spirit Rabbits, both of you go and clean up a room for the guest.” Feng Ruqing patted their heads. Then, she turned and looked at Qian Ning. “Qian Ning, I only have a month. You need to depart tonight.”
Tang Yin was quiet for a while. Then, she asked, “Can you tell me why are you so nervous about getting the Five Spirit Grass?”
‘Five Spirit Grass is used for treating poison. Is Xiao Qing poisoned?’
Feng Ruqing’s eyes darkened. “It will be used to save my father. He has only one month left to live.”
Tang Yin was anxious now. “Qian Ning, quickly depart now. Go and tell the elders in the family that they need to search for the Five Spirit Grass even if there is none of it in the family. Ask everybody to go and look for it. They must find it no matter what.”
Qian Ning was not shocked this time.
‘The young mistress has a special identity in the family. She was not born without any talent. But, she could not train in a fast manner because the elders wanted to protect her.
‘But, she can no longer refuse any request from the Tang family if she chooses to ask for help from them.
‘Her whole life will belong to the Tang family!’
“Little Lady, I understand,” Qian Ning replied with a sigh.