The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 306 - The Wolf from the Princess’s Manor Has Gone Mad I

Chapter 306: The Wolf from the Princess’s Manor Has Gone Mad I
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationQian Ning wanted to tell Feng Ruqing that Tang Yin really liked her.
But, she could not bring herself to say it.
So, she looked at Tang Yin before she turned and left.
‘It is much safer for Little Lady to stay by Feng Ruqing’s side!’
Qian Ning disappeared in the dark of the night. The spirit rabbit escorted Tang Yin to the guest room.
The dark night was quiet and serene. The moon shone brightly on every corner of the princess’s manor.
The next morning.
While every living thing was still asleep.
A desperate and angry howl was heard in the princess’s manor. It spread to the street outside of the princess’s manor.
The snow wolf had not tasted the Divine-Spirit Fruits for quite a long time since it came back to the princess’s manor. Those Divine-Spirit Fruits, which were hidden by it, were eaten by someone else when it was still at the Forest of Spirit Beasts.
Luckily, the snow wolf had hidden the Divine-Spirit Fruits in several places so that the stingy master would not notice it.
But, the snow wolf was shocked when it had dug at its hiding place.
Those Divine-Spirit Fruits which it had hidden in a box had disappeared. The box in the hole was opened too. What was left was only an empty box.
The snow wolf was infuriated and nearly choked on his own blood. It immediately rushed to another hiding spot. But, all it found was an empty box after much digging.
The snow wolf howled in anger.
Its tears ran down endlessly. ‘My Divine-Spirit Fruits are stolen… They are stolen. All of them.
‘Those were my Divine-Spirit Fruits which I have hidden and saved for a few months!
‘All of them are gone!’
The snow wolf howled sadly.
Then it barked endlessly.
Qing Ling heard the snow wolf’s angry howls when she had just woken up. Then, those howling sounds became barking sounds. Qing Ling was rather shocked by that.
“Has Snow Wolf… gone mad?”
Everyone who lived near the princess’s manor or was passing by the princess’s manor at that moment heard the sound of the wolf’s howling. It was an endless desperate howling.
Everybody was in fear.
‘What has happened to the snow wolf in the princess’s manor? It must have gone mad!
‘He has even forgotten that it is a wolf and has started to bark.’
They had heard of the incidents of dogs howling like wolves. But, they had never heard of wolves barking like dogs.
Therefore, those people who were walking past the princess’s manor could not help but make a detour. Those timid cowards who lived near the princess’s manor chose to move to other places.
‘A mad wolf is even more frightening than a sane wolf!’
Feng Ruqing rushed to the mountain and saw that the snow wolf was crying pitifully. The snow wolf seemed sad and desperate.
It was the first time that Feng Ruqing had seen it in that state.
“Snow Wolf!” Feng Ruqing rushed forward and her facial expression was serious. “What’s wrong with you?”
The snow wolf howled sadly.
It jumped up and came to stand in front of Feng Ruqing and continued crying.
Feng Ruqing’s facial expression turned even more sour. “What’s wrong?”
The snow wolf howled again.
‘My Divine-Spirit Fruits are all stolen. All of them are stolen!’
“Can you be a normal wolf?”
The snow wolf howled and barked.
“You’re not a dog. You’re a wolf!”
The snow wolf barked.
Then it hugged Feng Ruqing’s thigh tightly. It could not even stand straight because of its crying.
‘My Divine-Spirit Fruits are stolen. Even if my master hugs me and kisses me, I’ll never feel good again.’
The snow wolf’s heart was broken into a thousand little pieces and it would never heal again. 1
Feng Ruqing’s facial expression had turned for the worst.