The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 307 - The Wolf from the Princess’s Manor Has Gone Mad II

Chapter 307: The Wolf from the Princess’s Manor Has Gone Mad II
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‘This wolf has gone completely mad!’
Now, the imperial city knew that the wolf in the princess’s manor had become a dog. Feng Ruqing was rather ashamed about this.
“Never mind. You don’t even want to tell me what has happened. I am not going to bother about you first. Later, my grandfather wants to go to the Liu family to take care of the issue with them. You cannot go with him now. I’ll ask Chen’er to go with him.”
‘The Liu family?’
The snow wolf jumped up with excitement.
‘That’s right! It must be that fellow from the Liu family! He has always wanted my Divine-Spirit Fruits. It must be him who stole my Divine-Spirit Fruits!’
The snow wolf barked a few times and it nudged Feng Ruqing with its paws.
Feng Ruqing looked at the snow wolf suspiciously. “Do you want to go with him?”
The snow wolf nodded anxiously and barked in reply.
‘I want to go and kill that man! How dare he steal my Divine-Spirit Fruits!’
“Can you speak properly?” Feng Ruqing touched her forehead with her palm.
‘Why do I feel that it’s embarrassing to let Snow Wolf out?’
The snow wolf barked again.
Feng Ruqing did not know what to say.
‘That’s the end of it! This wolf has forgotten how to howl like a wolf. I wonder what has happened to it.’
Feng Ruqing subconsciously took out a Divine-Spirit Fruit. Suddenly, she saw that the snow wolf was staring intensely at the Divine-Spirit Fruit just as she wanted to take a bite.
‘It looked so angry and sad. There is even hunger in his eyes.
‘Is it possible that…’
“Have all of your hidden Divine-Spirit Fruits been stolen?”
The snow wolf seemed so sad and sorrowful. Its eyes were teary. It was a pitiful sight.
‘I see.’
Feng Ruqing finally understood the reason for its madness. She could not help but touch her forehead with her palm.
‘The only thing that can make Snow Wolf this mad in the world is Divine-Spirit Fruit.’
“If you can capture all of the people in the Liu family, I’ll reward you with ten Divine-Spirit Fruits.”
‘Ten Divine-Spirit Fruits? They are nothing compared to the number that has been stolen.’
The snow wolf was still feeling sad.
‘That old man from the Liu family is really bad! How could he steal my Divine-Spirit Fruits?’
“Also, be nice outside and talk properly. Don’t embarrass me.”
The snow wolf howled and barked in reply.
Then he quickly replied. ‘Everything is just fine if I have the Divine-Spirit Fruit.’
Feng Ruqing raised her eyebrows.
It scared the snow wolf so he quickly howled in reply.
“Faster go to Liu Manor and capture all of them.”
‘Liu Yunxiao dared to disobey the emperor’s order in that dangerous state. Surely, he must be punished.’
Moreover, Feng Ruqing believed that Liu Yunxiao would definitely hurt her father if she had not come to the rescue or if her grandpa and father were not as powerful as the enemies.
‘Those kind of people cannot be left to live.’
‘But, Liu Yunxiao ran away that night when grandpa wanted to locate him. Moreover, the palace was in chaos and I wanted to come back to cultivate spirit herbs. Thus, I had overlooked this matter.’
‘It might be too late if we go now.’
‘But, Liu Yunxiao would be the only one who can run away at night. It’s impossible that the whole Liu family could make the escape so soon.’
Feng Ruqing still asked the snow wolf to accompany her grandfather even if Liu Yunxiao was no longer at Liu Manor just for safety purpose.
It was just like what Feng Ruqing had expected. Liu Yunxiao did not even return to Liu Manor the night he saw what happened. He ran away there and then. The people of General Manor were unable to capture him.
Liu Yunxiao was the only one in the Liu family who had disobeyed the emperor’s order. So, the emperor could not punish the Liu family because Liu Yun Kingdom had its laws.
So, General Manor could only put people from the Liu family under house arrest. They made Liu Manor a prison. Those of the Liu family were locked up in there.