The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 313 - The Dogs Bit Each Other IV

Chapter 313: The Dogs Bit Each Other IV
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Lady Liu stared at Tan Shuangshuang before turning and leaving the room.
Tan Shuangshuang bit her lip and looked at Lady Liu who had just left. She lowered her eyes.
“Yuchen, your mom doesn’t like me. I don’t want to be a clingy woman. I’ll leave in a few days.” She looked up and her eyes were filled with pity. “But, I have never thought that you owed me anything. All that I’ve ever done for you is of my own will. It is because you’re the person I love the most in this world.”
Liu Yuchen slowly unclenched his fists. He rubbed his temples. “Shuang’er, I’ll find a manor for you outside of Liu Manor. You can move there. It’s more convenient if I want to go and visit you. You won’t be bullied here anymore.”
Tan Shuangshuang was stunned. She did not know what to say.
She looked at Liu Yuchen in shock. Her face was as white as a sheet of paper. There was bitterness in her eyes.
‘He wants to get rid of me! He really wants to get rid of me!
‘Why? Is it because Feng Ruqing has returned to the Liu family? Do I need to give my place to her?’
Yuchen said that he did not want Tan Shuangshuang to be bullied. But, it was just a ruse. If she ever left the Liu family, she might not ever be able to dream of going back there.
She might not even be a concubine in the future but only a lover to Liu Yuchen.
“Yuchen…” Tan Shuangshuang suddenly sobbed. It blurred her vision. “I’m sorry that I have put you in a difficult position. I’ll give my place to the princess. It’s because I never wanted to fight with her. I don’t want her to misunderstand our relationship. For me, it’s enough that I’m able to stay by your side.”
Liu Yuchen closed his eyes. “Shuang’er, you’re overthinking. It’s not for the princess.”
“Yuchen, you don’t have to explain to me. I understand.” Tan Shuangshuang smiled bitterly. “I’m not an unreasonable person. There’s a vast difference between us now. It’s only natural that you cannot marry me. The two hundred beatings I have endured for you and your mother at that time was of my own will too. You don’t have to think that you owe me.”
“That’s enough!”
Liu Yuchen opened his eyes suddenly. There was no more gentleness in his eyes. “I told you that it’s not for Feng Ruqing’s sake. Do you understand? Moreover, don’t always talk about those two hundred beatings. My mom told me everything. You started the fight that day and she had misunderstood it. But, you really did endure the two hundred beatings for my mother and I. I’ll admit that but it doesn’t mean that you can always talk about it for your whole life.”
Tan Shuangshuang’s beautiful face froze all of a sudden.
This was the first time Liu Yuchen used that kind of voice on her.
‘I’m only a weak woman and I have endured great pain for you. It is alright if I keep bringing it up. Why can’t I talk about it?’
“I seldom return home now. The moment I come back, I have to settle the conflict between you and Mother. I’m tired too. She’s my mother. What do you want me to do with her? It’s impossible that I’ll ever hit or scold her. I’ll never ask her to leave the Liu family either. I can only ask you to leave for a while. Why can’t you understand? Why do you blame this on Feng Ruqing?”
The fact was, Liu Yuchen had different opinions regarding Feng Ruqing since her transformation.
But, he did not understand why there was always conflict between them whenever he met Feng Ruqing.
Finally, he understood. It was because Tan Shuangshuang had always blamed Feng Ruqing for whatever decision he had made all this while
But, Feng Ruqing never really did anything. Some of his actions were for Feng Ruqing’s sake too.
Liu Yuchen hated Feng Ruqing more with Tan Shuangshuang’s provocation.
Finally, the relationship between Feng Ruqing and Liu Yuchen had worsened to the point of no return.
Now, he had realized it but it was too late. Feng Ruqing was adamant about leaving. It proved that he had indeed hurt her too much.