The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 315 - Arrogant, Proud, and Rude II

Chapter 315: Arrogant, Proud, and Rude II
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“Yuchen, you’re the one that I only love. I’ll do anything for you, including devoting my body to you! But do you really love me? What you fell for was my appearance. Now, you have turned your back on me because Feng Ruqing is prettier than me, right?” Tan Shuangshuang’s voice was filled with grief. She looked despondent.
Her tears ran down her cheek. Her face was soaked in tears.
Liu Yuchen had nothing more to say. He stood up straight and picked up the clothes from the floor. He did not even look at Tan Shuangshuang who was lying stark naked on the bed.
He left Tan Shuangshuang alone, crying.
At the nightfall.
Outside Supreme Princess Manor.
Liu Yuchen hid in a dark corner. He looked at the young lady who was entering the princess’s manor.
Her laugh, her brows, every part of it was so stunning that it could bring anyone to their knees.
Liu Yuchen had no idea why would he run to the princess’s manor when he had no intention to disturb her. He had been waiting for her from morning till night.
All he wanted was to get another chance to see that smile, an overwhelming smile.
He was dumbfounded, he could not stop looking at her—
She was so beautiful, it was as if she came from heaven.
Laughing, angry, or frowning, every one of her expressions looked so unique!
Liu Yuchen knew it well that he could never have a second chance anymore. However, he still wanted to try his luck in approaching her.
Even if he could just get a little closer to her, it would be very delightful for his body and mind!
“Xiao Qing,” Tang Yin could feel someone staring in infatuation from behind. She turned and looked at the figure who was hiding in the dark corner, she frowned and huffed. “Who is that man over there?”
Feng Ruqing knew that Liu Yuchen was there from the beginning, but all she cared about was Feng Tianyu’s condition. She did not even take a look at him since he was harmless.
As she heard Tang Yin, she paused and replied to her, saying, “My ex-husband.”
“Ex-husband?” Tang Yin’s eyes widened in hesitation.
‘What does ex-husband mean?’
“Oh,” Feng Ruqing gently caressed her chin. ” A man whom I married when I was blind in the past. But I divorced him later.”
Tang Yin was shocked and she finally understood what had happened.
When Qian Ning was seeking information about Feng Ruqing, she heard that she was married before. However, she was so pathetic that she could only spend her nights alone after she was married. She had even wanted to kill herself because of the loneliness.
The world only knew that she was married for several months before she tried to kill herself!
“This man has a cunning look and doesn’t seem like a good person. You’re better off divorcing him!” Tang Yin humphed.” Our Xiao Qing is as pretty as a flower, she is the beauty of our nation. Not to mention boys, even girls will fall for our Xiao Qing. What kind of rubbish is he? He should get away from us, as far as he can. It is best if he never returns!”
What a bastard. Wasn’t he aware that Xiao Qing had divorced him? How could he still covet Xiaoqing? Shameless! Unreasonable!
Tang Yin felt super terrible as soon as she met Liu Yuchen’s eyes.
The feeling when someone was desiring for your loved one. She gritted her teeth out of hatred. All she wanted was to beat that bastard to death!
At that moment, Feng Ruqing had reached the princess’s manor. She did not even glance at him, not even in the beginning.
It was as if she did not know he was there.
Liu Yuchen’s eyes darkened. With the ability of Spirit Warrior tier, it was impossible for her to not be aware of his presence at that moment. Still, she did not even want to glance at him.
Was he now so worthless in her heart?