The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 316 - Arrogant, Proud, and Rude III

Chapter 316: Arrogant, Proud, and Rude III

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“Are you Liu Yuchen?”
Just as Liu Yuchen felt distressed about Feng Ruqing, a bright and childlike voice came from the front.
He slightly lifted his head, and a gorgeous face came into view.
The young girl had bright eyes and white teeth. She was petite and slender, but the only drawback was that she was a little too short.
Liu Yuchen was shocked, but he came to his senses immediately.
This little girl was following the princess just now. Was she the new little servant of the princess’s manor?
“Liu Yuchen, let me warn you to not ever get close to our Xiao Qing.” Tang Yin lifted her chin and cocked her eyebrows. “Xiao Qing is mine. I will break your legs if you ever get close to her! ” 1
Liu Yuchen’s face was taut. He went quiet.
“Also, you were the one who did wrong first, she should divorce you, of course.” Tang Yin’s face was cold. “There are a whole lot of men and women out there who wanted to marry Xiao Qing, how dare you disappoint our Xiao Qing.”
Liu Yuchen remained in silence.
Feng Ruqing had turned into a beauty and had suddenly broken through to Spirit Warrior tier. It was true that she could attract a lot of men’s attention.
But the women who wanted to marry the princess… what was going on?
“Can you speak?” Tang Yin burst into anger as Liu Yuchen was ignoring her. “Are you dumb or what? If I ever see you again outside the princess’s manor, I will call Qian Ning to put you to death when she’s here!”
Tang Yin came from the Tang family, so it was natural for her to possess the arrogance and pride of the reclusive world. However, it was rare to see her being so arrogant and get tangled up with people.
She had done her best in showing a wealthy, arrogant lady’s temper to Liu Yuchen.
She could not bear seeing the guy who had disappointed Xiao Qing, peeking at Xiao Qing outside the princess’s manor at that moment.
The very sight of him made her angry!
“Is Her Highness… okay? How’s the emperor doing now?”
Liu Yuchen only started to speak after he had hesitated for quite a while.
“Of course Xiao Qing is happy… because I’m here with her. For uncle emperor’s condition, I will help her to find some spirit herbs and help to treat uncle emperor.” Tang Yin lifted her chin as she pointed at her right shoulder. “It’s me, Tang Yin, the one who has helped Xiao Qing find spirit herbs! I’m the one who accompanied her too!”
“Oh, by the way, little beauty Liu Li had told me before that Xiao Qing has taken a fancy to someone who is clean and clear. You had so many concubines before, and now another girl called Tan Shuangshuang lives in your house. What makes you think you are qualified to see our Xiao Qing?
Tang Yin stepped closer to Liu Yuchen. Her smile was arrogant, proud, and rude. “And I, Tang Yin, have never touched any man before in my life, I’m clean and clear!”
Although she had a fiancée before, they had never met each other before, right?
How could that count when they had never met before?
She was still qualified to stay in the princess’s manor.
The corners of Liu Yuchen’s lips twitched for a few times. He thought this girl was the new female servant in the princess’s manor. He could not imagine that… she was in such a relationship with Feng Ruqing.
Feng Ruqing had the state preceptor, then a gigolo from outside, now even a woman…
Didn’t that imply that he would be given a chance too?
Even if… he was only allowed to stay in the princess’s manor just like the other men, wasn’t it true?
“Why are you not leaving yet?” Tang Yin glared at Liu Yuchen. “You are far too worse than Qin Chen. You can’t even compare with Nan Xian or me. So, stop having your fantasy and get lost, please. If you dare to bother Xiao Qing again, please prepare your coffin in advance.”
Besides Feng Ruqing, it was no doubt that State Preceptor Nan Xian was the other best thing that existed in the world. However, Qin Chen was quite a good one too. The only person who could surpass Tang Yin was State Preceptor Nan Xian.