The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 318 - What’s Good about Nan Xian?

Chapter 318: What’s Good about Nan Xian?
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During the night.
Like a fiery dragon, a big fire broke out and wiped out the chancellor’s manor in a blink of an eye.
Luckily, there were no injuries or damage as the people inside the building had run and escaped quickly enough.
However, that fire was like the wrath of heaven. Even though there were no injuries or damages, no matter how hard they were trying to put off the fire, the fire only started to die out when the whole manor was burnt down.
The news spread through the entire imperial city the next morning.
“Have you guys heard about last night? The chancellor’s manor has done too many bad deeds and was punished by heaven. Now, they deserve it for what they’ve done.”
“I saw Liu Yuchen wandering outside the princess’s manor yesterday, and then that happened last night. I bet heaven could not bear looking at them too, so heaven has set the fire on their manor.”
“What’s more. All the ladies from different manors had a gathering yesterday. Lady Liu even claimed that the princess is her daughter-in-law. The princess’s reputation has totally changed after that welcoming dinner that was held in the imperial palace the other night. Every young master from different manors wants to marry her so badly even if she’s a deserted wife.”
Feng Ruqing had not only reached Spirit Warrior tier, but also, the spirit herbs that she offered to the ministers had made a lot of people envious. Now, a lot of people in the imperial city wanted to marry her.
Why would she go back to Liu Yuchen who had almost caused her death?
It seemed like the fire had blazed the chancellor’s manor because the people inside were coveting her.
In the meantime not far away, Tang Yin, who was to blame for the fire, stood in front of a wonton stall. She smiled as she heard their noisy discussions. However, her smile went stiff and turned angry when she heard the last sentence.
She had just finished dealing with Liu Yuchen, now another bastard is coveting her Xiao Qing?
Were they all shameless? A bunch of fools to even daydream!
Nalan Jing was sitting opposite of Feng Ruqing. He first saw the young lady’s grin which soon turned into anger. Then, she bit the chopstick with her little teeth ferociously. She looked vicious.
It was as if… that chopstick was her enemy.
Nalan Jing was confused. How could a person’s expression change so fast?
“Cousin,” Tang Yin looked fierce. “After all, you are Xiao Qing’s cousin. Those people are vying for Xiao Qing, don’t you want to do something?”
Nalan Jing paused and said nothing for a while before he continued.
“Inside the imperial city, every high official and their children have concubines. None of them are good enough to be with my cousin.”
One person for one’s whole life. That was the principle that General Manor held all the time. Nalan Jing’s grandfather did not marry any woman after his grandmother. Also, his father had no concubine. Back then, consent was given to Nalan Jing’s uncle to marry his aunt because he had promised that he would only take care and love her, no matter how many women there were in the imperial city.
That was the reason why his grandfather had consented to entrust his aunt to him.
Therefore, only a person who had no wife or a concubine before could marry his cousin.
All the wealthy nobles from the imperial city could not meet the criteria. So, of course, they could not be her husband.
“Cousin, you are right. But what if those people want to bother Xiao Qing?”
Nalan Jing knitted his eyebrows in hatred and said, “My grandfather would break their damn legs!”
Tang Yin was relieved after hearing those words. She gritted her teeth and asked, “Do you know there’s a guy named Nan Xian who is pestering Xiao Qing too?”
Nalan Jing’s face froze. He lowered his head and contemplated for quite a moment. “This… grandfather can’t beat him!”
Tang Yin’s face darkened immediately.
She had no idea what was so good about Nan Xian, and why would Xiao Qing speak of him every day.
It was she who was on Xiao Qing’s side all the time.