The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 320 - Spirit Beasts Besieged Long Ao Kingdom II

Chapter 320: Spirit Beasts Besieged Long Ao Kingdom II
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Shen Wu’s face froze. He looked panicked and swallowed his saliva hard.
“Five… Tier-5 spirit beast?”
Tier-5 spirit beast from the Forest of Spirit Beasts. They usually stayed inside the forest, didn’t they?
Oh, except there was a Tier-5 three-striped tiger that had appeared at the borders of the Forest of Spirit Beasts and Long Ao Kingdom several months ago.
That three-striped tiger did not do anything harmful to anyone. With a paper in its mouth, all it did was to show that paper to anyone it came across. It had forced the people to bring it everything that was listed on the paper.
Other than that, Tier-5 spirit beasts rarely left the Forest of Spirit Beasts, or else they would provoke and make the king of beasts angry.
But he had nothing against Tier-5 spirit beasts. Why would the spirit beasts come and attack them?
“Your Majesty!”
Another panicked voice came.
Since then, the voices started to sound frightening to Shen Wu. As he heard the voice, his legs were trembling, and he almost fell down.
“Your Majesty, something bad is happening!” The guard rushed forward and cried. “The spirit beasts have invaded our palace. Your Majesty should quickly escape! ”
The palace was peaceful with singing and dance shows just now but it had suddenly turned into a chaotic place. All the beauties who were singing and dancing had fled. Just like a flying bird, they flew off as they were afraid that they might become the food of the spirit beasts.
Shen Wu’s legs were trembling. He firmly gripped onto the back of the chair next to him to keep himself steady.
His face was drained of all of its arrogance.
“GO!” He gritted his teeth firmly and forced himself to be steady. He strode away from the palace.
It was a big mess inside the palace. The peaceful night had been interrupted with endless screaming and shrieking.
Not far away, like a king, a three-striped tiger stood in front of a troop of spirit beasts.
It looked arrogant, contemptuous, and scornful.
It was as if it was looking at its courtier.
Shen Wu noticed that arrogant three-striped tiger as soon as he reached there.
The three-striped tiger looked more like a king compared to him. Standing high above and ruling the world.
The momentum and vigor of the three-striped tiger had made Shen Wu feel terribly small. He clenched his fists so tight as that feeling was very annoying, and it had made him look pale too.
“Shen Wu!”
Suddenly, a cold voice pierced through the night air and into Shen Wu’s ear.
Shen Wu’s eyes landed on the girl dressed in a green robe.
The girl looked on calmly with her cold eyes. Just like a pine, she stood tall under the night sky.
“You are…” The pupils in Shen Wu’s eyes contracted as his breath got heavier. “Tang Zi?”
‘Tang Zi, the girl who had followed Nalan Yan many years ago, why is she here?
‘Or the spirit beasts…
‘Has this got something to do with Tang Zi?’
Tang Zi smiled coolly. “Looks like you haven’t forgotten me yet. Today, at the command of our princess, we are here to destroy your Long Ao Kingdom.”
“Princess? Does she mean… Feng Rushuang?” Shen Wu asked in a deep voice. His eyes seemed cold.
He had heard before that Feng Ruqing had given all the women of the Iron-Blooded army to Feng Rushuang. The only thing was that the Iron-Blooded army had barely done anything in those years. He thought that the women were reluctant to submit to other people.
It was hard to believe that the troop that Nalan Yan had formed had finally fallen into someone else’s hand.
Perhaps, that was the so-called karma!
Shen Wu wanted to lift his face to the sky and laugh out loud.
‘Nalan Yan, what’s the point of being so strong? You have delivered such a useless daughter. Even the most significant achievement in your whole life would have been taken away by others in the end.’