The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 322 - Young Master Nan Xian I

Chapter 322: Young Master Nan Xian I
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Shen Wu froze. He could not even breathe normally.
However, in the siege of so many people and spirit beasts, he could do nothing but sit on the floor helplessly. His eyes were filled with despair.
In Fengyun Manor.
At the court of protection, Feng Ying slightly frowned as he looked at the young guy standing in front of him.
“Qing Yuan, still no message from the Tang family?”
If Tang Yu had really been in contact with the master, he could not believe that they could not get any information from the Tangs.
“If… we can’t do it by starting with the Tang family… ” Qing Yuan lowered his eyes. Suddenly, his face brightened and looked resolute. “I will try to start from the secular world!”
Feng Ying became quiet.
As a matter of fact, many years ago, they had predicted that the master did not belong to the reclusive world. She was someone who came from the secular world and had an enemy who was living in the reclusive world.
Therefore, she was reluctant to expose her identity just in case it would cause trouble for her family.
“No.” Feng Ying felt pain in his head. He rubbed his temples and said, “No, we shall never do that! If we insist on starting from the secular world to look for the master, this will definitely trouble her original family! Fengyun Manor has long disconnected themselves with the secular world now.”
The master had connections with the reclusive world, so her enemies had reasons and rights to kill her family members.
Therefore, they would never involve those secular people unless they had no other option.
“Brother Feng… ” Qing Yuan smiled as he shook his head. “I have no intention in exposing the master’s identity. I just wanted to look for a person. Tang Yu said that the master’s daughter was an ungrateful person, but I don’t believe it! I have to find her, no matter what!”
They could only know where had master gone when they have found her!
Feng Ying squinted. “How can you find her if we don’t start from looking for the master?”
“Feng Qing Court, that’s the place where the master had built for her daughter. ‘Feng’ is the word ‘Feng’ from Fengyun Manor, and ‘Qing’… if I’m not mistaken, there must be a word ‘Qing’ in the name of the lady of our manor.”
It sounded hard to do so, but that was the only solution they could think of.
He did not like Tang Yu since at the beginning! Only the lady of the manor could drive Tang Yu away if she were back!
“There are thousands of people who have the word ‘Qing’ in their name. If we don’t use the power of Fengyun Manor, how will you find our manor’s lady?” Feng Ying shook his head and sighed.
Qing Yuan was still too young. He could not think far. Besides, if the master’s enemy noticed that all of these were happening, it would not matter if it were Fengyun Manor or their master’s family, they would all be in danger.
“Brother Feng, it’s only the secular world, and we don’t need to use the power from Fengyun Manor. I can call Yan’er to help me on this matter. Of course, I will only ask her to help me to find a person, but not to expose the identity of our master.”
During that time when he was greatly wounded, the first person who came into his vision was Zi Yan when he woke up.
It was also the sight of her that had made him unable to help himself but to fall for her.
However, he was not someone who would go crazy for love. He knew well what he should and should not say.
That was something important to master. He could not really trust others except for certain people in Fengyun Manor.
Including… his fiancée, Ziyan!
“Indeed, this is a last resort.” Feng Ying sighed in relief. “Okay then, I will find someone to keep an eye on the Tang family. Your task is to find the lady of our manor. You must find her. Our Fengyun Manor will only acknowledge her!”