The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 323 - Young Master Nan Xian II

Chapter 323: Young Master Nan Xian II
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A panicked voice came from outside just as Feng Ying wanted to give more advice to Qing Yuan.
“Guardian Feng, Guardian Qing Yuan, Young Master Nan Xian is here!”
Young Master Nan Xian?
Feng Ying and Qing Yuan were stunned. Their eyes were filled with astonishment.
“Young Master Nan Xian…” Qing Yuan looked at the pupil who was running in from outside. He swallowed hard and trembled. “Young Master Nan Xian… do you mean… that Nan Xian? Why would he come here?”
Feng Ying’s steady face was flustered.
“We, Fengyun Manor, did not offend Young Master Nan Xian before right?”
Young Master Nan Xian, these four words were enough to cause a stir in the reclusive world. Also, these four words were able to turn their feet to jelly.
“Brother Feng, why don’t we go out and welcome Young Master Nan Xian to find out why he is here for us?”
Feng Ying closed his eyes. He was so nervous that he did not realize that he was already balled his hands into fists.
“That’s all we can do.”
They had no reason to back off since all the seniors were not in Fengyun Manor.
Within Feng Yu court.
The teacup fell from Tang Yu’s hand onto the ground. She stood up excitedly and looked at the middle-aged man standing in front of her.
“Wen Feng, seriously? Young Master Nan Xian has come to Fengyun Manor?”
She had never heard that Young Master Nan Xian had a connection with Fengyun Manor. Why would he suddenly come here? Especially to visit when she had just arrived at Fengyun Manor not long ago.
He was here to look for her?
Tang Yu smiled as her eyes looked a bit shy.
Not only Young Master Nan Xian was talented, but he also had the countenance that was even rare in heaven. He had that cool and calm attitude, just like a fairy who was not interested in the mundane world.
Such a wonderful man, how could all the daughters from the reclusive family not want to marry him?
But he had come to Fengyun Manor just to see her…
“Let’s go, I want to see Nan Xian.”
Tang Yu took a deep breath and tried to hold back her excitement. Then, she strode out of the court.
The people from the reclusive world wanted so badly to have an arranged marriage with the Tang family, which indicated that they had taken a fancy to the Tang family’s potential. Now that Tang Yin was dead, she was the only person who was qualified to be in that arranged marriage.
Perhaps that was the reason why Nan Xian had come to her!
The valley and the clouds seemed surreal.
Just like the painting, which depicted a celestial being dressed in white, with one of his hands on his back and standing inside the white clouds. It was so beautiful, elegant, cool, and pure that it seemed like he could not be tainted by any impurities.
It was as if he was the only immortal who lived in this world. Any creature standing next to him was merely like an ant looking up at him.
“Young Master Nan Xian…” Feng Ying rushed forward and immediately saw the man who looked just like a banished immortal. He stopped breathing for a while.
Any girl in the world would fall for such a man.
But something cold and lonely was hiding beneath that indifferent expression.
Therefore, even though there were many girls from the reclusive world who fancied him, there were only a few girls who dared to step forward.
Nan Xian did not take another glance at Feng Ying. He turned and gently landed his eyes on Qing Yuan.
Qing Yuan’s heart jolted as Nan Xian looked at him. Had he done something that offended Nan Xian? No, right?
Why did he feel that Young Master Nan Xian… wanted to kill him?
It should be his illusion right…
“Your fiancée…” Nan Xian finally spoke with his calm voice. “Is Shen Ziyan from Long Ao Kingdom?”
Qing Yuan was stunned as he looked at Nan Xian confusedly.
It was true that he really liked Ziyan. However, from what he assumed, it was impossible that Young Master Nan Xian would fall for Ziyan.