The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 326 - Princess Ziyan I

Chapter 326: Princess Ziyan I
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Besides, they would not have dared to chase Young Master Nan Xian away!
Tang Yu snorted. “You knew that Young Master Nan Xian was here for me, yet you people tricked him and told him that I am not around the Fengyun Manor. Of course he won’t stay! Young Master Nan Xian had no relations with the Fengyun Manor, if he didn’t know that I was here, why would he come?”
Qing Yuan could not help but smile cynically. “Young Master Nan Xian heard that Ziyan was my fiancée. Long Ao Kingdom had offended Young Master Nan Xian, he came here to warn me.”
Qing Yuan did not hold himself back and revealed the reason to make Tang Yu understand his situation.
Who knew that Tang Yu would simply just chuckle. “Qing Yuan, do you think I am stupid? Nan Xian always does what he wants! He would never warn any party in advance. He would directly take things into his own hands, it doesn’t matter if you had done anything!”
“Enough!” Knowing that Qing Yuan still wanted to continue the argument, Feng Ying shouted coldly to interrupt their conversation. “Miss, since Young Master Nan Xian hasn’t gone far, you can still chase after him and ask him why he had came here.”
Tang Yu snorted coldly. She nonchalantly glanced at Qing Yuan and Feng Yin in a cynical manner.
“Of course I will go chase after Young Master Nan Xian. I’ll settle this with the both of you when I’m back! Wen Feng, let’s go!”
It was rare for Nan Xian to come, she could not miss this opportunity.
Qing Yuan looked on as Tang Yu went down the valley to give chase. His face was vexed. “Feng Ying, how much longer do we have to endure her?”
Feng Ying became quiet.
Moments later, he raised his head toward the sky. His eyes were distant and helpless. “Qing Yuan, we don’t have a choice. As long as she doesn’t cause any more trouble, we can do nothing but be patient for a while. We better go back for now and discuss how to find the Lady of the manor and her daughter.”
As he finished speaking, he turned toward the manor’s gate.
Qing Yuan too followed suit. But shortly after that, a female servant came in from the courtyard and dutifully reported to him, “Guardian Qing Yuan, Princess Ziyan is here.”
Qing Yuan was surprised.
If it were before, he would have been overjoyed when Ziyan came for a visit. But thinking about Young Master Nan Xian’s warning just now, his delicate face could not help but smile helplessly.
“Let her see me directly.”
“Yes, Guardian.”
The female servant left in a hurry.
In a moment, a young lady, with the guidance of the female servant, came in from a nearby gate. Their arrival brought in a whiff of spring.
The young lady wore an elegant and noble purple silk dress. On top of her long hair was an exquisite garnet hairpin. Her face was pretty as jade. There was a slight melancholic look on her face.
The young lady had steps light like the wind. Her sad eyes turned to joy the moment she saw Qing Yuan. She rushed toward him.
A female servant, dressed in white, was attending to the young lady by her side.
There was a white veil covering her face. As her veil fluttered softly in the gentle breeze, one could see her scar-filled face.
“Qing Yuan.” Ziyan leapt into Qing Yuan’s embrace, tightly holding him, as if it was the only way to calm her quivering heart. “Qing Yuan, something happened to Long Ao Kingdom.”
Qing Yuan was startled. He knew that Zi Yuan was here regarding matters of Long Ao Kingdom.
He furrowed his brows and helplessly said, “Ziyan, your father and brother got what they deserved. I’ve warned them before, yet they wouldn’t heed my advice. Now that they have offended others, there’s nothing I can do.”
Ziyan’s body stiffened, her downward-cast eyes blocked her expressions.
She was not in the imperial city when the trouble began at Long Ao Kingdom and that was how she had escaped. She then hurried here, hoping that Qing Yuan would come to her aid.