The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 329 - The State Preceptor Came Out from the Princess’s Room I

Chapter 329: The State Preceptor Came Out from the Princess’s Room I
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationThe servant in white lowered her head. No one could see her expression. But the sorrow that surrounded her was so strong, like the currents of a flowing river.
“Next time, don’t even dream of such lofty things.” Zi Yan took a couple of steps toward the servant in white as she chided, “Because, your identity is not worthy of Qing Yuan’s attention.”
On the surface, Qing Yuan was just a Guardian, while she was the princess of Long Ao Kingdom.
But on this land, Kungfu reigned over everything else.
Qing Yuan had strong cultivation; more so than the King of Long Ao Kingdom, let alone the princess.
Only by hanging onto his lap could she leap toward the sky.
Zi Yan let out a snort and walked down the valley as her cold eyes swept over the female servant whose head was still lowered.
In the blink of an eye, she disappeared in the white mist.
Compared to the calamity in Long Ao Kingdom, the night sky of Liu Yun Kingdom was still peaceful.
As if someone had pulled down the curtain in the sky.
In the Supreme Princess Manor.
A hissing sound came across the bed and made Feng Ruqing, who was sleeping, grew impatient as she reached out to grab it… an object so soft and slippery, it terrified her so that she opened her eyes.
When she saw the green stuff on her hand, she threw it away without a second thought.
“An uncooked snake soup, disgusting!”
Xiao Qing’s head hit the door. It landed harshly on the ground. After hearing what Feng Ruqing had said, it quickly slithered away and hid behind the man by the window.
The cold night was warmed by the gentle smile on the gentleman’s face.
His beauty was not of a mere mortal. He seemed untouched by the stink of the human world; he was noble, elegant, and out of this world.
“State preceptor.”
Feng Ruqing was relieved the moment she saw the state preceptor.
For a few days when she came back to Liu Yun Kingdom, she could not find the state preceptor. She had the imperial city and the spirit beasts from the forest to search for traces of him. Who knew he would come back on his own.
Since he was safe, she was at ease.
“I’ve heard about what happened a few days ago.” The man’s voice was still calm as ever, but there was a subtle hint of gentleness that he had never shown others.
Feng Ruqing got out of the bed and slowly walked toward Nan Xian.
She could not help but think about what Qing Han had told her in the Ninth Emperor’s place.
Therefore, she no longer hesitated and immediately pressed Nan Xian against the wall; wrapping him in her arms.
Nan Xian was speechless.
What was this girl trying to do?
“Don’t move!” Feng Ruqing warned sternly before releasing all her spiritual qi over Nan Xian’s body. She also did not forget to touch each and every part of his body, from the top to bottom.
After she was sure that there weren’t any serious injuries on his body, she breathed a sigh of relief.
“Qing’er, what were you doing?” The crisp voice traveled past Feng Ruqing’s ears, tickling her heart.
Even though the state preceptor looked cold and abstinent, his voice was so alluring.
“I was checking your body’s condition, of course.”
Nan Xian’s lips slightly curled up. “Are you sure you were checking my body’s condition? All those moves just now?”
“Naturally…” Feng Ruqing smilingly raised her eyes. “I’m not the kind of person to be blinded by lust. I was really checking your health.”
The spiritual qi was used to inspect his internal wounds, while all those touching was to check for his physical injuries, of course.
So technically, she was correct.