The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 330 - The State Preceptor Came Out from the Princess’s Room II

Chapter 330: The State Preceptor Came Out from the Princess’s Room II
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationNan Xian pressed his hand on the button of his white coat. A slight twist and the button came undone.
Feng Ruqing was stunned. She stared blankly at Nan Xian.
And then…
Under her gaze, all of Nan Xian’s top fell on the ground.
Feng Ruqing’s eyes almost popped out.
Nan Xian, while clothed, had a distinguished otherworldly look to him; it was so beautiful that everything in the world paled in comparison. After he became unclothed, there was a certain impact to it.
The man had clear and fair skin; his perfect Apollo’s belt kept Feng Ruqing looking.
She raised her head, quivering, her gaze was focused directly the ravishing god-like beautiful man in front as she asked, “State Preceptor, are you asking me to sleep with you?”
Such a beautiful man standing half-naked in front of her, her heart could not help but palpitate.
“Didn’t you want to inspect my body?” Nan Xian took a couple of steps in Feng Ruqing’s direction, with elegance and nobility.
Even though he was semi-nude, one could not tell of his lust from his calm, collected expression.
It was as if it were all too common for him.
“Now, it would be easier for you to inspect me like this.”
Feng Ruqing now realized that she had been overthinking. The state preceptor merely wanted her to inspect his body.
A cold person such as him would never put too much to his thoughts.
It seemed like the road to bedding the state preceptor was filled with obstacles.
“Or should I take off more?” Nan Xian softly smiled as he saw Feng Ruqing’s lack of reaction.
Feng Ruqing’s gaze moved downward. If the state preceptor were to continue undressing, that would mean taking his trousers off?
“State Preceptor, you’re teasing me.” Feng Ruqing looked at the ravishingly handsome man in front of her. Suddenly, she had a sinister smile across her face. She raised her hand and reached out to pin the man onto the wall. “What if I can’t hold it in and my primal instincts kicked in, would you kill me if I slept with you?”
Nan Xian was still calm and collected. He was unfazed. “If you could do it, I won’t.”
Feng Ruqing contemplated for a while. She felt that even if she could force her ways with the state preceptor, what would happen if the state preceptor accidentally killed her while resisting her advances?
Forget it, better to continue cultivating and marry the state preceptor as soon as possible.
“State Preceptor,” Feng Ruqing’s still had the sinister smirk. “You’ve promised me before. When I have made a breakthrough, there would be a reward, now that I’ve reached Dark Warrior tier, could you…”
Nan Xian suddenly stretched out his hands and pulled the young girl into his arms.
The man’s embrace was very warm.
Her body was tightly pressed against his naked chest.
Nothing was going to stop them now.
“Let’s sleep.”
S… sleep?
Feng Ruqing’s eyes grew wide. So the state preceptor had finally come to his senses? He had decided to sleep with her?
But it was obvious. Feng Ruqing soon found out what the state preceptor had meant by ‘sleep’. It was literally, just sleep.
The kind of sleep where they would do nothing but chat with a blanket covering their heads.
So much for her expectations!
The next day.
At the break of dawn.
As the morning sun was just shining, a terrifying scream tore through the princess’s manor.
Qing Ling pointed at Nan Xian who came out from Feng Ruqing’s room. She was shocked speechless,
Her eyes were filled with shock, surprise, and disbelief…
Oh god, the princess had slept with the state preceptor, she had really slept with the state preceptor!
And for the whole night!
Could it be that the princess had knocked the state preceptor out and raped him when he had let his guard down?