The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 331 - The State Preceptor Came out from the Princess’s Room III

Chapter 331: The State Preceptor Came out from the Princess’s Room III
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationIn the past, Feng Ruqing would definitely do such a thing!
Nan Xian did not take any notice as he walked past Qing Ling and the others with his usual calm, cool manner.
Like a blossoming lotus; unfettered by the world.
At this moment—
A voice came through in a hurry. “What happened? Is there another guy here to bother my lad—”
Before she could finish her sentence, her voice dropped.
Tang Yin stared blankly at Nan Xian, who was walking toward the courtyard. Her eyes grew wide, it took her a moment before she came to her senses.
Y… Young Master Nan Xian?
Of course, who else could look so handsome but Nan Xian?
Although she had never seen Nan Xian before, her family had shown her his pictures. That was how she was able to recognize him at first glance.
Had Nan Xian appeared a few months earlier, maybe she would have pursued him. But to think that Nan Xian was now here to take Xiao Qing away, she gritted her teeth begrudgingly. She slowly walked toward Qing Ling with vigilance.
“Sister Qing Ling, why is that bastard here?”
Her voice was soft; she was afraid that Nan Xian would overhear her.
Qing Ling turned her head around stiffly. “I… I… don’t know… but… but he came out from the princess’s room, t.. they slept together for the whole night.”
Slept together for a whole night?
A whole night?
Xiao Qing and Young Master Nan Xian had slept together?
Tang Yin was dumbfounded, as if a bolt of lightning had hit her
She came back to her senses moments later and bawled her eyes out. She turned around and ran away; her tears were pouring.
Her Xiao Qing… the kind, benevolent lady, had been tainted by a wild man.
And her heart… was broken!
At this moment, Liu Li’s footsteps came in from the front yard. She stopped in her tracks as she saw the man walking in from the backyard.
Liu Li was not Qing Ling after all.
Qing Ling had followed her master for years and have seen the state preceptor before, so naturally she could recognize him. But Liu Li had only been staying in the laundry room and had never gone out. So, she did not know that the man in front of her was State Preceptor Nan Xian.
She was merely surprised by Nan Xian’s looks but came to her senses shortly. She walked into the backyard.
“Qing Ling, quickly, report to the princess! Those nobles from the court are here again!
“Oh, and Liu Yuchen is here as well, he said he wants to meet the princess. Should I ask Snow Wolf to chase him out?”
Nan Xian paused in his track for a moment. He raised his handsome face. At that moment, the calmness of his face disappeared. He was shrouded in a chilly aura.
Outside the princess’s manor, a group of noblemen stood at the entryway, carrying boxes of gifts. They were quietly waiting; no one dared to enter the manor without permission.
Before this, Feng Ruqing was obese. Naturally, no one cared about her. But now she had become so beautiful; even Tan Shuangshuang paled in comparison.
And in this world, there was no one who doesn’t like beauty. Moreover, once you get married to Feng Ruqing, beauty, wealth, and power comes with her. Who would ever give up on such an opportunity?
As for her being divorced once… and her infamous reputation, those were no problems at all!
They were willing to overlook them!
“Liu Yuchen, I heard that your chancellor’s manor was burnt down by heavenly fires! Why are you here trying to snatch the princess instead of repairing the manor?”
A youth in silk clothes asked with a cynical smile as he noticed Liu Yuchen among the crowd.
“Yeah, Liu Yuchen, it was you who had divorced the princess in the first place. Now you’re here to beg for her forgiveness? Who has given you the courage?”
“I think you better go back and spend the rest of your lives with Tan Shuangshuang, after all, she has followed you for so many years.”