The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 332 - Liu Yuchen Got Beaten up I

Chapter 332: Liu Yuchen Got Beaten up I
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationLiu Yuchen’s handsome face sank a little. His cold glance fell on the crowd of the aspiring youths around him, but he did not speak.
After all, he had divorced Feng Ruqing in the first place. Otherwise, all these things would not have happened.
But nevertheless, he still had to seek her forgiveness, even though she had given up on him.
Suddenly, the tightly shut door of the princess’s manor opened.
The crowded street immediately fell silent.
A gentle breeze whisked the corner of his snow-white coat; floating like a god, impeccably out-of-this-world.
Liu Yuchen was stunned by this. He clenched his fists tightly. He even had difficulty breathing.
The usual elegance and grace of the noblemen seemed like dirt in front of him; as if he were the last strain of pure lotus on this earth.
As Qing Ling rushed to chase after Nan Xian, she saw that he had already walked out of the princess’s manor. Her petite face immediately turned pale. She almost cried.
She was finished! This time around the princess’s reputation was really finished!
From now on, the world would know that the princess had forced her way with the state preceptor and even made him stay for the night! If such words fell on the Emperor’s ears, neither she nor Liu Li could think about getting out alive.
“You…” Liu Yuchen’s voice was faltering in disbelief. “Why are you here?”
Nan Xian’s calm eyes swept over Liu Yuchen. In an instant, Liu Yuchen felt a sharp pain in his chest. He was thrown off. Blood came out of his throat. He was so terrified that his handsome face had turned pale.
It was only in the morning, at the crack of dawn. They had gathered here to block the gates intentionally just to get to Feng Ruqing.
But at this moment, it was State Preceptor Nan Xian who had came out of the princess’s manor instead.
And so it was obvious.
Last night… he had slept in the princess’s manor!
Liu Yuchen was panicking. Somehow, looking at Nan Xian’s nonchalant gaze, some kind of fear arose from within his heart.
The kind of fear that made him want to run away!
“Why am I here?” Nan Xian calmly moved his lip. “You’ll know when you ask Qing’er.”
Even though he already knew the answer, to hear it straight from Nan Xian’s mouth made his heart tremble. He crawled up and clenched his fists.
“State Preceptor, I know I have done Princess wrong many times, and I know that the person I am right now is not worthy of her, but—I will never give up! No matter how many people she has around her, I will fight to stay by her side.”
Nan Xian closed his eyes for a moment.
And then…
Liu Yuchen, who was standing nearby felt a sharp pressure coming down on top of his head. The pressure felt like a huge mountain coming down on him. His whole body curled up in pain and he fell to the ground on his knees.
Cold sweat began to appear on Liu Yuchen’s head. He tried to stand up, but it felt like there were two invisible hands holding down his shoulders. He was pinned down so hard to the point where he felt that his kneecaps were shattered, and he could not get up.
“You can stay by her side,” Nan Xian calmly expressed. “As long as you can beat me.”
“Also…” He gently smiled as he continued. “Qing’er had said before, she prefers people who are good-looking and strong, or else they won’t be allowed inside her manor. Other than beating me, they also have to be better looking than me.”
Putting aside the question of beating him, by looks alone… they were far too inferior.
Unless they disfigured him, how else would they surpass him?
Now about disfiguring him…
The crowd gave up after seeing Liu Yuchen who could not even get up.
Forget it! Even Liu Yuchen, who was the most talented among them, looked so pathetic in front of them. What more the others?