The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 334 - Liu Yuchen Got Beaten Up III

Chapter 334: Liu Yuchen Got Beaten Up III
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationIf only he knew…
… that it would come to this, he would never have made such a mistake that cost him the girl who loved him most in this world!
“Master, are you going to let him go like this?” Xiao Qing opened its mouth without a thought as it poked out from behind Nan Xian’s neck.
Nan Xian gently ran his finger above Xiao QIng’s head. He was smiling a little.
Although he did not say a word, he watched Liu Yuchen leave. There was a sense of coldness in his eyes…
In the princess’s manor.
In the main chamber.
Feng Ruqing lazily leaned against the soft couch. She opened her mouth as Qing Ling peeled the grapes and placed them in her mouth.
She took a gentle bite. The juice from the grapes burst in her mouth, releasing a sweet and citrusy taste.
The grapes that were cultivated in the same way as the spirit herbs were so much tastier than the usual ones.
“Princess, this was what happened. Last night, the state preceptor and you, did you guys really…” Qing Ling paused for a while. She asked what she really wanted to know in the end.
Feng Ruqing was smiling cheerfully.
“So, this was the reward the state preceptor had given me for my breakthrough.”
The state preceptor must have wanted the world to see him coming out of the princess’s manor to give her some peace of mind. Therefore, he had insisted on staying the night in her room.
“Princess…” Liu Li who was standing next to her peeled an apple and placed it into Feng Ruqing’s hand. “I’ve heard that Liu Yuchen was really sad when he left. Has he really regretted his action and has fallen back in love with you?”
Hopefully, the princess was not that soft-hearted.
“Liu Yuchen loves me?” Feng Ruqing chuckled softly. She reached out and grabbed Liu Li by her hand and places it onto her own beautiful face. “Little Liu Li, do you think if I were still the fat girl I was six months ago, and that Liu Yuchen had suddenly become smart and understood what really happened, would he still suffer like this?”
Liu Li was surprised.
If the princess were still the two-hundred and fifty-jin slob…
Even if Liu Yuchen had known everything, including Tan Shuangshuang’s provocations, he would feel guilty but not regret.
It was the nature of men!
“You said he loves me. But what he loves, is merely these looks! If I had given my looks to Tan Shuangshuang, he would have fallen head over heels for Tan Shuangshuang without a doubt!”
Qing Ling tilted her head and stared at Feng Ruqing. “Well, if that’s the case, Princess, would you have liked the state preceptor if he wasn’t so good looking?”
Feng Ruqing, “…”
It seemed like she did not have the right to complain about Liu Yuchen because she was in it for the good looks as well!
“At first… I merely wanted to sleep with him…” Feng Ruqing mumbled. “Now I still want to sleep with him, but the kind of sleep that would last a lifetime.”
Qing Ling and Liu Li were flabbergasted.
‘Princess, are you really fine with being so direct?’
“But of course,” Feng Ruqing raised her hands and wrapped Qing Ling and Liu Li into her arms as she laughed sinisterly and uncaringly. “I’m also willing to be served by beauties like you for a lifetime! As long as you girls would be mine forever and never betray me!”
Qing Ling and Liu Li were not bad looking to begin with, but they had become better looking after being nourished by those spirit herb dishes. Their beauty was now comparable to Feng Rushuang’s and Tan Shuangshuang’s.
Of course, the two girls did not know that in these last two months, the four-armed ape was serving them spirit herb dishes. They thought them as ordinary herbal dishes.
Moreover, what they did not know was that Feng Ruqing had intentionally ordered the four-armed ape to cook them spirit herb dishes that would improve their looks.
If not, there would not be such a drastic change in the two girls’ looks.
“Xiao Qing, Xiao Qing!!! I have good news!”
At this moment, Tang Yin rushed in from the door. Her cheerful face suddenly looked petrified after seeing Feng Ruqing cuddling the two girls.