The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 337 - To the Tang Family? III

Chapter 337: To the Tang Family? III
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation“Not with me around.”
But he could not accompany her as he had to go get her Phoenix’s Tears.
Therefore, he could only leave in comfort after she had wore his jade pendant.
“Rest assured, State Preceptor. I will not let harm come to me, not ever!” Feng Ruqing smilingly raised her eyebrows. “Moreover, not only do I trust you, I trust Tang Yin as well.”
That girl had all her thoughts written on her face. She was terrifyingly pure-hearted.
And that was why she chose to believe in Tang Yin.
As for why she wanted to go to Tang family herself…
Perhaps Tang Yin did not notice it, but she could read between the lines. Qian Ning was not that successful in getting the Five Spirit Grass.
She could not let that Qian Ning girl suffer for her sake.
Therefore she must go there herself and bring back the Five Spirit Grass and Qian Ning along with her!
‘Tang Yin?’
Nan Xian furrowed his brow. He had heard of that name before, but somehow he had forgotten about it…
“If you really want to go, then go. Qing’er, you must remember, no one can stop you from doing anything you want in this world. If anyone tries to harm you…” His lips curled up and gently patted her head. “Then let me know. Not a problem for me to help you clear out some thrash.”
“Does that mean… that I get to hold on to your legs, like a lapdog?”
“No,” Nan Xian shook his head. “You’ve never held my legs before; you’ve only been in my embrace.”
“…” Feng Ruqing was flabbergasted. “State Preceptor, it’s getting late and Tang Yin is waiting for me. I’ll take my leave now, if you’re not back in a fortnight, I will go look for you.
“Right,” Feng Ruqing thought of something before she left. She took out a ceramic bottle from the medium and presented it to Nan Xian. “You’ve given me a token of love, I need to give you something in return. I’m afraid normal spirit herbs might not have too much effect on you. This is spirit water, I’m also not quite sure if it’s useful to you, but just take it.”
A whole bottle of spirit water could be sold for a fortune outside. Its price was no less than a Grade-7 spirit herb, maybe even more!
She did not give any chance to Nan Xian to refuse. She turned around after she passed him the bottle of spirit water. Her silhouette disappeared under the sun.
“Xiao Qing…” Nan Xian paused for a moment before asking suddenly, “Do you remember who Tang Yin is? Is that a man or a woman?”
“…” Qing Zhu was dumbfounded. “The one who came to look for you at your house to talk about an arranged marriage, the bride appeared to be from the Tang family, I think she’s called Tang Yin?”
‘Master, do you have a seven-second memory?’
Of course, Qing Zhu did not dare to chide.
“Oh.” Nan Xian voice was calm. “I’ve refused them that time and didn’t think much about it… as long as she’s not a man.”
Qing Zhu silently rolled its eyes. “Master, with your memory, I’m afraid you would forget the princess someday.”
“Never.” Nan Xian’s voice was stern. “I will never forget about her even after many centuries!”
He would never forget someone who was really important to him. After all if he had forgotten about her, his heart would feel empty, as if a part of it had been taken away.
His heart would still be touched if they met again someday.
Maybe that was the case. He needed to empty his memory to place her in his heart. Therefore, those who were not important to him could never fill his heart!
“Master, are we still going back?” Qing Zhu asked.
Nan Xian calmly shook his head. “No need. I believe she has a way to save Feng Tianyu.”
If worse came to worst, he still had time to go back.