The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 339 - The Tang Family II

Chapter 339: The Tang Family II
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation“Tang Yu, you told Tang Yin that this Five Spirit Grass is meant for the elders of Fengyun Manor?” Tang Luo was slightly startled.
Even though both Fengyun Manor and the Tang family were part of the reclusive family, their strengths were not at the same level.
Fengyun Manor was extremely mysterious. Rumor has it that the lady of Fengyun Manor had vanished without a trace ever since Fengyun Manor was established. Currently, the elders of the Fengyun Manor were at the wheel.
Naturally, everything would be fine if the Tang family could keep in with Fengyun Manor. However, would Tang Yin truly do something that could put the Tang family in trouble?
“Father, the people of Fengyun Manor was there when I told Tang Yin. Don’t you trust the people from Fengyun Manor?”
This Five Spirit Grass was meant for the elders of Fengyun Manor? The Tang family actually wanted to please the elders of Fengyun Manor by giving presents? The storage bag of those old coots should belong to Tang Yu. However, if Tang Yu did not say so, Tang Yi and the rest would naturally take Tang Yin’s side.
The corner of Tang Yu’s lips curved up into a smirk.
‘Tang Yin, who do you think you are to fight with me? The whole Fengyun Manor is behind me. Even if you are still alive, what else do you have? Young Master Nan Xian did not even so much as glance at you, instead, he had gone to the Fengyun Manor because of me.’
“If that is true, Tang Yin has truly gone too far! I have given you the Five Spirit Grass. I leave it to you on how you want to handle it.” Tang Luo sighed softly.
“What about Qian Ning? She wants to run off with the Five Spirit Grass. She is digging the Tang family into a big hole. She must be whipped to death according to the Tang family’s rules.” A hint of viciousness flickered in Tang Yu’s eyes.
“Yu’er, we can’t do that. This maiden is Tang Yin’s servant. Elder Tang Yi would never blame Qian Ning for her wrongdoings.” Stunned, Tang Luo shook his head.
“Why?” Tang Yu walked up to Tang Luo as she asked indignantly.
“How many times has the Tang family changed the family rules because of Tang Yin? She is incompetent in both literature and military affairs. She is good for nothing! Why is everyone in the Tang family taking her side? She is even betrothed to Young Master Nan Xian.”
“Yu’er, stop it! Don’t you ever say that again! That’s out of our hands. Tang Yin is the only person who could be betrothed to Young Master Nan Xian. Stop holding unrealistic fantasies about Young Master Nan Xian.” Hearing Tang Yu, color drained from Tang Luo’s face.
Tang Yu could not believe what she had just heard and had nearly collapsed to the ground.
Tang Luo was Tang Yu’s father. However, he had given all the best things to Tang Yin!
‘Tang Yin! You ill-bred bastard! Who do you think you are to fight with me?’
“Yu’er, let me be frank with you. The arranged marriage between Young Master Nan Xian and Tang Yin is not meant to keep in with the Tang family. Tang Yin is not a scumbag, she has a special talent. However, we have blocked her cultivation as she cannot be too strong right now. The people there would not simply pick someone to be part of them. They have selected Tang Yin as her talent is beneficial to them. Do you still think Tang Yin is good for nothing?”
Originally, Tang Luo and Elder Tang Yi were the only people who knew about this. However, as Tang Luo was afraid that Tang Yu would make an irremediable mistake, he could not help but tell Tang Yu.
“Father, since you said that they would only pick someone who could bring them advantage, I can do that too! I can do everything in order to marry Young Master Nan Xian.” Tang Yu clenched her fists tightly.