The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 340 - The Tang Family III

Chapter 340: The Tang Family III
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationTang Luo was stunned by Tang Yu’s sudden remark as he stared at her as if this was the first time he knew her.
“Yu’er, don’t leave your chamber for these few days.” A faint semblance of disappointment could be heard in Tang Luo’s voice.
“I need to send this Five Spirit Grass to the elders of Fengyun Manor. As they like me so much, they would only accept this gift if I am the one who sent it to them. Do you still want to lock me in the chamber?” Tang Yu smirked.
“You…” Burning with anger, Tang Luo pointed at Tang Yu.
“Father, you have gone so far to get Aunt Rong. You have even made her lost her memory. Now that I have fallen for Young Master Nan Xian, I will fight for him with my everything. What’s wrong with that?” Tang Yu retorted.
Tang Luo’s face stiffened and let his hand fall to his side. Then, he stumbled out of the chamber without uttering a single word.
Only after Tang Luo had left the chamber, he raised his head and stared blankly at the peaceful night sky. He was lost in thought and did not know where to go. Suddenly, a mesmerizing face unknowingly flashed through his mind.
Tang Luo could not help but walk toward the mountain behind the manor. That was the only silent place of the Tang Residence.
Moonlight poured over the mountain and made the place looked extraordinarily peaceful. Outside the wooden hut, a lady in plain robe sat on the stone bench.
Was Tang Luo wrong? Tang Luo was totally lost. Even his daughter was following his path to get the one that she loved at all cost. He did not know if he was right to make Rong Yan stayed by his side.
“Hey, you are here.” Rong Yan turned her head around with a faint smile on her lips.
Rong Yan’s smile was as pure as water and would be etched onto Tang Luo’s mind for the rest of his life.
“It’s getting cold. Why don’t you take a rest?” Tang Luo walked up to Rong Yan, took off his cloak and put it over Rong Yan’s shoulders.
“I am waiting for my children to come home. The sky is dark and all the lights are out. They must be terrified.” Rong Yan smiled.
Her smile was so gentle and benevolent, it was as if a needle was pricked into Tang Luo’s heart.
Tang Luo suddenly recalled the day when they first met. The lady back then was exquisitely gorgeous and could make one so preoccupied with her existence.
Currently, Rong Yan was so fragile. Seeing her pale face, Tang Luo could feel a throb in his chest. However, there was no point crying over spilt milk. He could only move on. Even if Tang Luo could never win her heart, he would keep her company for the rest of his life.
“Yan’er, your children asked me to inform you that they are in the middle of something and could not come back today. You need to take a good rest. Don’t worry, I will light up the whole mountain with campfire tomorrow. Your children will be back soon.”
“Back then, their father has always been busy. Why are they so busy now? I have been waiting for a few days. Would they lose their way?” Rong Yan asked anxiously, as she held onto Tang Luo’s arm tightly. A flicker of fear crossed her face.
“Yan’er, don’t worry, they are safe and they will be back. Oh yeah, do you remember their father?” Tang Luo held onto Rong Yan’s hand to calm her down.
Stunned, a silhouette flashed through Rong Yan’s mind. However, she could hardly see his face. Every time she thought of him, she could feel a throbbing pain at her heart. However, she could not remember his face.
“I can’t remember.” Rong Yan clutched her head hard, her body curled up in pain. Naturally, she did not notice Tang Luo heaving a sigh of relief.