The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 342 - Nan Xian Is a Home Wrecker II

Chapter 342: Nan Xian Is a Home Wrecker II
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationIn fact, Tang Yu did not tell anyone that she was the young lady of Fengyun Manor as she had actually resorted to some despicable means.
If the people of the Tang family knew about this, Tang Luo must be taking this advantage to keep in with Fengyun Manor. In the end, the things happened to Rong Yan would be brought to light.
Hearing Tang Yin’s explanation, Feng Ruring did not say anything.
“Xiao Yin, why do the people from Fengyun Manor want to kill you?” Feng Ruqing asked after a while.
“Maybe because of my betrothed.” Tang Yin was slightly startled as she answered.
“Your betrothed?”
“That’s nothing. I don’t have a betrothed. I don’t agree with it.” As soon as Feng Ruqing finished her words, Tang Yin’s body shook a little and quickly answered.
Seeing Tang Yin’s anxious face, Feng Ruqing could not help peeping at her curiously.
“I was just curious. Why do you look so nervous?”
“I… I don’t have a betrothed. That’s the marriage that the Tang family arranged for me. I have never agreed. Moreover, I have never met him. There is nothing between us.”
What if the home wrecker—Nan Xian—had bewitched Feng Ruqing, so she thought that Tang Yin approached her because of Nan Xian? What if Feng Ruqing shoved her out of the princess’s manor because of him? Tang Yin must not let Feng Ruqing know that Nan Xian was her betrothed.
Previously, Tang Yin was so proud being Nan Xian’s betrothed. However, it had now become her burden as it could ruin her relationship with Feng Ruqing.
“Xiao Qing, all the words that I have said just now were from the bottom of my heart. I am not in love with anyone else. I would only marry someone like you, someone who is courageous and willing to do anything for her friends.”
Seeing Feng Ruqing sink into silence again, Tang Yin had nearly burst into tears out of grief.
‘Willing to do anything for my friends?’ Stunned, Feng Ruqing stared into space.
Feng Ruqing could still remember that Tang Yin previously had such an enormous ego. It seemed that she had changed after Feng Ruqing avenged the snow wolf in the Forest of Spirit Beasts. Hence, Feng Ruqing could not refute her remark.
“Xiao Yin, I am a lady after all. You need to marry a man. What do you think of Qin Chen?”
Qin Chen was good, however, he was too cold and aloof. Tang Yin did not like him. She liked someone who was as gentle as Feng Ruqing.
“What about my cousin? You are always with him recently. What do you think of him?”
Tilting her head, Tang Yin sank into deep thought.
Nalan Jing was good too. He was gentler than Qin Chen. However, Nalan Jing had now become her cousin. How could she marry her own cousin? No way!
“Oh yeah, what about Jiu Ming? Although he is hot tempered, he is a great person. He wears a ten-dollar hat on a five-cent head. The only drawback is that no one knows how he looks like.”
Tang Yin sank into silence.
‘No one knows how he looks like? That’s simply impossible.’ Tang Yin would only fall for someone with pleasing appearance, just like Feng Ruqing.
“Well, I will keep an eye on the young masters that I meet moving forward.” After hesitating for a while, Feng Ruqing stared at Tang Yin.
Feng Ruqing could feel that something was wrong with Tang Yin. Although Feng Ruqing liked good looking people, the state preceptor was her one and only.
“Pfft! Even though you are in love with the home wrecker, you can’t force me to get married. I don’t agree with that.” Tang Yin merely snorted.
‘Feng Ruqing had totally lost her mind because of the home wrecker—Nan Xian! What had he done to Feng Ruqing?’
However, Tang Yin would not ever give up. Even though she could not be her wife, she could still be her concubine.