The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 343 - Nan Xian Is a Home Wrecker III

Chapter 343: Nan Xian Is a Home Wrecker III
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationHome wrecker?
Hearing this, Nan Xian was the one came into Feng Ruqing’s mind. He had a pure heart that was free from desires. He simply had nothing to do with a home wrecker.
“Let’s go to the Tang family. We will talk about this later.” Feng Ruqing’s eyes narrowed, the corners of her lips curved into an evil smile.
High up on the mountain, the peak rose steeply into the clouds. A lady in white robes sat alone in the lush green forest surrounded by mountains.
Engulfed in the fluffy clouds, she looked so ethereal and otherworldly, like a deity descended from the sky.
Standing not far away, Nan Xian furrowed his brows as he stared at the lady in white robes.
“You are not fully recovered yet. Why are you here?”
Calm and composed, a faint smile hung on her lips. The lady in white robes had long noticed the person behind her. Perhaps, he was the only person who was capable of breaking her formations.
“Why do you have time to visit me?” She could not help but turn her head around.
The lady in white robes was devastatingly gorgeous. The moment she turned her head around, everything in the world was shadowed.
Nan Xian raised his arm and tossed a bottle of spirit water toward the lady.
“This is such pure and divine spirit water. Where did you get it from?” As the lady caught the bottle, a look of disbelief and shock crept into her eyes.
Spirit water was so powerful and extremely useful to her. She could make a breakthrough after gulping down spirit water.
“That’s the present from your future daughter-in-law. I have taken half of it.” Nan Xian’s eyes were filled with gentleness.
‘This is just half of the present that she gives?’ The lady’s lips slightly trembled.
“Does she knows how precious this spirit water is?”
Spirit water was truly priceless as one might not be able to get it with money. However, her future daughter-in-law had actually given her a whole bottle of spirit water.
“She knows.” He did not talk further.
‘She has given it to me even though she knows that the spirit water is precious.’ Nan Xian thought to himself and did not tell the lady as he had always been cold and nonchalant.
“Since this lady has so much spirit water, naturally, she is not inferior to the betrothed that person arranged for you. However, that person is extremely stubborn and vicious. Take good care of her. Don’t let him hurt her.” The lady in white robes smiled faintly.
Nan Xian’s eyes darkened. Previously, whenever she talked about that person, her voice was full of resentment and pain. Now that she was so calm and tranquil, she must have let go of the past.
“I have given my jade to her.”
Stunned, the lady smiled faintly.
“It seems that you really like her. You have been so cold and aloof ever since you were little. I was afraid that you would not get married for the rest of your life. Perhaps that person and I have hurt you so much. Now you have finally found the lady that you want to marry. As a mother, I feel greatly relieved.” The lady in white robes sighed lightly.
Nan Xian did not say anything.
“As long as you love her, I won’t interrupt your marriage. Moreover, she is really something as she is capable of getting so much spirit water. However, you must be extra careful of the people there. I am afraid that they might do something to you,” the lady in white continued saying.
“They can’t stop me. They can’t handle me.” Nan Xian’s face was indifferent, his eyes flashed with a hint of viciousness.