The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 345 - The Phoenix Is a Crybaby II

Chapter 345: The Phoenix Is a Crybaby II
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationShe could no longer hide in this mountain, under the shelter of her own son—Nan Xian. She must go out and help her him.
‘I’m such a terrible mother. However, Nan Xian has never blamed me. He has even braced himself to confront all those annoying people out there. Now, I must let them know that no one could mess with Nan Xian’s marriage.’ The lady in white smiled wryly.
Even if her life was a mess, she wished that her son could live a blissful life. Regardless of the lady’s background, as long as her son loved the lady, she would accept it with an open heart. No one could stop Nan Xian from chasing his happiness.
In the elder’s chamber of the Tang family, the loud voice of a messenger broke the silence.
“Elder Tang Yi, the Little Lady Tang Yin is back!”
Tang Yin held a special place in the Tang family. Although she had no talent for martial arts, she was highly favored and deeply loved by everyone in the Tang family. Even the actual young lady of the Tang family—Tang Yu was no match for her.
Hence, all the elders in the manor rushed out as soon as the messenger was done talking.
Tang Yi was the first one who rushed out the manor.
From afar, Tang Yi could see Tang Yin and a lady in a red robe stood next to her. Tang Yin’s face was glowing red. The lady in a red robe was enchantingly stunning whose beauty was capable of overthrowing the whole city.
Stunned, Tang Yi suddenly stopped in his tracks and stared blankly at the lady in red robes. She looked very familiar but he could not recall where he had met her before.
It was natural that Tang Yi could not remember. Tang Yi had only met Rong Yan once on the night Tang Luo brought her back to the manor. Since then, Tang Yi had never stepped into the mountain behind the manor. Moreover, it had happened ten years ago.
“Yin’er, this lady is…” Suppressing the doubts in his heart, Tang Yi asked as his eyes darkened.
“This is Feng Ruqing. She is my best friend,” Tang Yin said with a bright smile on her face.
Tang Yi was slightly startled hearing Tang Yin’s words. He knew Tang Yin very well. She had always stayed in the chamber and had rarely left the manor because of her special constitution. Hence, she had no one by her side except Qian Ning. That was the reason Tang Yi did not hurt Qian Ning. He was worried that Tang Yin could not find a true friend for the rest of her life.
Seeing Tang Yin’s joyful face, Tang Yi felt immensely relieved.
“Since you are Yin’er’s friend, you are the guest of the Tang family. It must be very hard for both of you to travel for such a long distance. Let me get you a chamber to rest.”
“There is no need. Xiao Qing and I are rushing to save a life. Grandpa Tang Yi, where is Qian Ning? Why is she not here to welcome me? What about the Five Spirit Grass? Give it to me and I will leave together with Qian Ning.”
As soon as Tang Yin finished her words, the lively atmosphere sank into an eerie silence.
“Grandpa Tang Yi, Qing Ning said that there is Five Spirit Grass in the Tang family. Since I still have a chance to get the Grade-5 spirit herb, what’s the issue if I take it?” Tang Yin was slightly startled.
As Tang Yi loved Tang Yin so much, he did not utter a word. He did not want to upset her.
“Yin’er, let me tell you. This Five Spirit Grass is extremely important to the Tang family. Young Lady Tang Yu is on good terms with Fengyun Manor. As long as we give them the Five Spirit Grass, we will have the first priority to buy the spirit herbs sowed in the Spirit Herbs Mountain of Fengyun Manor.” Tang Er sighed.