The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 346 - The Phoenix Is a Crybaby III

Chapter 346: The Phoenix Is a Crybaby III
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationThe spirit herbs mountain literally meant a mountain where spirit herbs could be sown. However, the number of spirit herbs there was extremely low. As the spirit herbs were scarce on Cang Yue Mainland, they were priceless.
Fengyun Clan had one spirit herbs mountain in their hands. Hence, whoever kept in with the Fengyun Clan had the priority to buy spirit herbs from them. Hence, maintaining a good relationship with Fengyun Manor was of utmost importance. The Tang family could not simply give the Five Spirit Herb away.
Dumbfounded, Tang Yin’s cheeks blushed with rage.
“Keeping in with Fengyun Clan is more important than saving a life? This Five Spirit Herb could save a life but you are actually using it for the well-being of the Tang family?”
“Yin’er, who are you saving with this Five Spirit Herb?” Tang Er frowned.
“I…” Tang Yin hesitated for a while, she did not know if she could tell them.
Just as Tang Yin was hesitating, Feng Ruqing walked forward and patted Tang Yin’s shoulder softly to give her some comfort.
“This Five Spirit Herb could save my father’s life. Can you please sell this to me? I can exchange it with five hundred pieces of Grade-4 spirit herbs.”
The Grade-5 spirit herb was extremely priceless. However, since the Tang family was giving it to the Fengyun Clan to buy spirit herbs, Feng Ruqing was willing to exchange it with a great amount of Grade-4 spirit herbs.
After all, even if the Tang family wanted to buy spirit herbs from the Fengyun clan, they would naturally buy a large amount of Grade-4 spirit herbs. They could barely afford much of Grade-5 spirit herbs after all.
Currently, Feng Ruqing was not capable of sowing Grade-5 spirit herbs. However, when she made a breakthrough, she too could sell Grade-5 spirit herbs to the Tang family. It was just a matter of time.
Everyone in the Tang family stood rooted to the ground in shock.
‘This maiden wants to exchange the Five Spirit Herb with five hundred pieces of Grade-4 spirit herbs? She could actually make a promise so easily?’
“Hey little girl, you have befriended Yin’er for the Tang family’s spirit herbs, didn’t you? Do you really have five hundred pieces of Grade-4 spirit herbs? How could you make such a reckless promise to gain trust? Moreover, the Fengyun Clan has a strong foothold in this realm. No matter what happens, we are still giving it to Fengyun Clan. Don’t waste time on this!” Tang Wu sneered.
“Elder Tang Wu, Xiao Qing is my friend. Don’t be rude to her!” Tang Yin’s face darkened a few shades. Her eyes were filled with rage and sorrow.
Tang Wu had always been polite and gentle to Tang Yin. Since when had he become so mean?
“Yin’er, you are still young and gullible. You have no idea how vicious a person could be. I can feel that this lady is not someone good at first glance. You already have Qian Ning to keep you company in the Tang family. If you want to make more friends, the Young Lady Tang Yu is far better. You should befriend her instead.”
“Yin’er, Granpa Tang Wu was right. What we said is actually for your own good. You will never know if the people out there want to take advantage of you. Do you think they would befriend you if you are not the little lady of the Tang family?”
Dumbfounded, Tang Yin stared at the people before her as if it was the very first time she saw their faces. The elders’ words were still buzzing in Tang Yin’s ears.
Ever since she stepped into the Tang family, she had been telling Feng Ruqing how great the people in the Tang family had treated her. She wanted Feng Ruqing to stay in the Tang family forever. However, it turned out to be total nonsense!
Tang Yin had never thought that another person’s life was not worthy enough for Five Spirit Grass. Since when had life become so insignificant to them?
“I am sorry Xiao Qing!”