The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 347 - The Fierce Tang Yin I

Chapter 347: The Fierce Tang Yin I
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationFeng Ruqing did not utter a word. Since the Five Spirit Grass belonged to the Tang family, naturally, they could sell it to anyone they wanted.
However, seeing Tang Yin’s apologetic face that was full of sorrow, Feng Ruqing raised her hand and gently patted Tang Yin’s shoulder.
“What about one thousand pieces of Grade-4 spirit herbs? Is that enough?” Feng Ruqing looked up at the people before her.
Before stepping into the Tang family, Feng Ruqing had decided that she must get the Five Spirit Grass at all costs. It was worthwhile.
Tang Yi had never uttered a word. However, when he heard Feng Ruqing’s words, he raised his head and stared at Feng Ruqing, his eyes widened in shock.
“Grandpa Tang Yi, you are the person who loves me the most in the Tang family. Don’t you have a single thought about this?” Tang Yin turned around to look at Tang Yi.
“Yin’er, there is no need to make the great elder speak for you. As part of the Tang family, you should act in the best interest of the Tang family. If you insist, I will shove your friend out of the manor.” Tang Wu smirked.
“Grandpa Tang Yi, is that what is on your mind too?” Tang Yin’s body stiffened. She stared anxiously at Tang Yi as she asked with a hoarse voice.
The Elder Tang Yi had always been gentle and delicate in Tang Yin’s heart. However, little did she know, the Tang family had turned out to be completely different from her memory.
“Yin’er… If this Five Spirit Grass is truly meant for saving a life, I can talk to the master of the Tang family. Perhaps he would give it to you…” Tang Yi had finally made up his mind. He raised his aging eyes to stare at Tang Yin as he waved his hand and heaved a soft sigh.
At this moment, Tang Yi seemed to have aged a couple of decades. He had let go of the chance to keep in with Fengyun Clan. He was the sinner of the Tang family that could never be forgiven for his whole life.
“Great elder.”
Tang Si and Tang Wu’s faces changed in a flash. They did not know why Tang Yi would make such a decision. Tang Yi had truly left the whole Tang family behind because of Tang Yin?
It was true that Tang Yin was a lovable lady. However, she was no match for the well-being of the whole Tang family. Could Tang Yi truly not tell which one was more important?
“Great elder, have you forgotten the promise that you have made in order to save your apprentice back then? You promised that you will never interrupt any decision that the master of the Tang family makes.” Tang Wu’s eyes darkened.
Tang Luo was at the wheel after the passing of the master of the Tang family. Back then, his strength was not as prominent as it was now and Tang Yi was the most prominent person in the Tang family.
As Tang Zi had betrayed the Tang family, Tang Yi had made a solemn promise that as long as the Tang family could spare her life, he would never helm the Tang family and the master of the Tang family would take the helm.
It was just twenty years and Tang Yi was already breaking his promise.
“Tang Si, Tang Wu, stop talking about the past. It seems to be a great deal if this lady is capable of exchanging the Five Spirit Grass with one thousand pieces of Grade-4 spirit herbs.” Tang Er furrowed his brows.
The things that had happened back then were everlasting aches in Tang Yi’s heart and no one dared to mention them again. Simply no one would think that Tang Si and Tang Wu would dig into the past.
Seeing Tang Yi’s face that was ghastly pale, Tang Er sighed softly.
Up until now, Tang Yi still did not believe that Tang Zi would betray the Tang family. However, he simply could not deny the evidence no matter how much he defended her. After all, he was not the one who took the helm of the Tang family.