The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 349 - The Fierce Tang Yin III

Chapter 349: The Fierce Tang Yin III

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“If you’re Yin’er’s friend, then you’re the guest of our family.” Tang Luo smiled. Then, he turned and looked at the elders. “Elders, how can you argue like that in front of our guest? The others would surely laugh at us if they knew of this incident. They would think that the Tang family’s rules are lenient.”
Feng Ruqing looked at Tang Luo coldly.
Without knowing the reason, she did not have any good impression of Tang Luo even though she had only met him for the first time.
That kind of hatred seemed to come to her naturally.
“Uncle…” Tang Yin was serious now. “I have come because I want to take the Five Spirit Grass and bring Qian Ning back with me.”
Tang Luo smiled. “Yin’er, I have treated you better because you do not have parents. But, Yu’er planned to give the Five Spirit Grass to Fengyun Manor for the Tang family’s sake. You cannot implicate the Tang family just because you do not admire her.”
Tang Yin was shocked.
‘Why did he imply that I’m trying to implicate the Tang family?
‘Am I that kind of person?’
The other elders looked at Tang Luo in turn. They might not understand the reason why Tang Luo had said such things.
Tang Yi frowned. “Master, what’s the meaning of that?”
Tang Luo smiled slightly and said, “Yu’er told me that Yin’er knew of her intention to give the Five Spirit Grass to Fengyun Manor the other day. But, you know clearly that Yin’er would never fight with Yu’er. So, Yin’er asked Qian Ning to come back for the Five Spirit Grass. Yin’er even said that it will be used to save people.”
Tang Yu was still Tang Luo’s daughter no matter what.
He seemed to be treating Tang Yin nicely but the one he favored the most would always be his own daughter.
Tang Yin was even more shocked.
‘Did Tang Yu tell me about the Five Spirit Grass?
‘I have only heard of that spirit herb for the first time from Xiao Qing.
‘How come I do not know that Tang Yu has mentioned that before?’
“Tang Yi…” Tang Wu smiled coldly. “Have you realized? Yin’er said that she wants the Five Spirit Grass to save people. But, it’s a lie. It’s obvious that she has grown rather wicked after she living apart from the Tang family. I think that we shouldn’t let her stay outside anymore so that she won’t be a traitor like that girl.”
‘A traitor… of the Tang family?’
Feng Ruqing was shocked.
It seemed like Tang Zi also came from the Tang family.
But, Tang Zi had never talked about it so Feng Ruqing chose not to ask any questions.
Moreover, there were a lot of people who had the same surnames. So, Feng Ruqing did not link Tang Zi with the Tang family before.
Until… the word ‘traitor’ came around now. Feng Ruqing suddenly realized the truth and she remembered the man who wanted to murder Tang Zi before.
Feng Ruqing’s eyes darkened.
If this Tang family was of the same family from where Tang Zi came from, Feng Ruqing would surely take revenge for her for what the Tang family had done to her.
Tang Yin was infuriated. There was a fierce expression on her face. “Just shut up! Nobody has the right to scold me and no one else has the right to humiliate Xiao Qing!”
“Back in those days, the eldest daughter of Fengyun Manor liked the fiancé you picked for me even though I have not met him before. Qian Ning and I were nearly murdered by the people of Fengyun Manor just because of this. Where were you at that time?
“Did you ever come and save my life when I was being bullied?
“It was Xiao Qing! She is the woman you said who has influenced me. She is the one who has saved me from the people of Fengyun Manor!”
“She never knew about my origin before this. She’s daring enough to offend Fengyun Manor. Why do you think that she has approached me because of my origin? Xiao Qing is not any lesser than the Tang family. She alone is better than the whole of the Tang family!”