The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 350 - Tang Luo’s Compromise I

Chapter 350: Tang Luo’s Compromise I
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Tang Yin’s eyes were swollen. The Tang family did not help her when she needed them the most. But, she admitted that it was her own fault because she had left the Tang family first.
But, the Tang family was so eager to fawn over Fengyun Manor which had nearly killed her. They even treated her savior in that way.
If Tang Yin could endure this kind of treatment then she no longer had the right to like Xiao Qing.
All the others did not say a word after being scolded by Tang Yin. Tang Yi was the only elder who got serious and his eyes turned cold.
“Yin’er, did the people of Fengyun Manor plan to murder you?”
‘They never had any bad relationship with Fengyun Manor but those people are so daring as to want to murder Yin’er!’ If he was hesitant before, he could make his decision after he heard what Tang Yin had said.
Tang Yi did not have any children. There was a girl named Tang Zi who was his disciple once. But, he could not protect her well.
‘Now, I’ll not let anything happen to Yin’er anymore!’
“Master, I’ll not give Fengyun Manor the Five Spirit Grass because they are so daring as to plan to murder the people of the Tang family.”
Tang Luo was stunned.
He seemed to not realize that Fengyun Manor would do such a deed.
“Elder Tang Yi, Fengyun Manor gives us the priority of buying spirit herbs. There is always a lack of spirit herbs in our Tang family. Moreover, let’s forget about it now that nothing has happened to Yin’er.”
Tang Yin looked at Tang Luo coldly. He was her uncle who had always asked her about her health and took good care of her. Now, he had become like this.
Tang Yin could not help but smile sarcastically.
“Master!” There was a slight change in Tang Yi’s facial expression. “If Tang Yu was the one who was being pursued by Fengyun Manor, would you be able to make that kind of decision? How could you say that Yin’er is just fine? What if she was not fine? It’s only the priority of buying the spirit herbs. This young girl said that she’s willing to buy that Grade-5 spirit herb with a thousand Grade-4 spirit herbs.”
Tang Luo frowned at this. ‘A thousand Grade-4 spirit herbs. It’s not a small bargain.’
Frankly, the Five Spirit Grass could only be used for detox purposes. It was not very significant to him.
Fengyun Manor gave the Tang family the priority of buying the spirit herbs. But, Grade-5 spirit herbs could help to cultivate an exceptional disciple. Fengyun Manor would surely hide them instead of selling them to the Tang family.
So, Feng Ruqing’s offer was indeed a great bargain. For him, a thousand Grade-4 spirit herbs was a great temptation.
Tang Luo could upgrade the status of the Tang family with the assistance of the Grade-4 spirit herbs.
“No.” Tang Luo’s eyebrows loosened. “Yu’er had promised Fengyun Manor first. We cannot take it back. If not, we’ll surely offend Fengyun Manor. We cannot endure its consequences.”
If Tang Yu had not promised Fengyun Manor, Tang Luo might have agreed to sell the Five Spirit Grass just for the sake of the Grade-4 spirit herbs.
But, it was too late now…
Tang Yin’s throat was rather dry. There was despair in her eyes. She laughed sarcastically and said, “Xiao Qing, we’ll just bring Qian Ning with us and leave. These people still want to fawn over Fengyun Manor knowing that Fengyun Manor has nearly killed me. I don’t want to stay in this kind of place anymore.”
All the elders’ facial expressions changed.
Tang Wu looked at Feng Ruqing angrily. “Don’t you forget that you’re raised by us. Now, you’re going to leave us just because of an outsider?”
Tang Yin was calm now. There was no anxiety anymore.
“I told you just now. She alone is better than the whole of the Tang family.”