The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 351 - Tang Luo’s Compromise II

Chapter 351: Tang Luo’s Compromise II

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Xiao Qing was so captivating that Tang Yin could never leave her.
She could not help but choose to give the Tang family up.
‘I must stay by her side forever!’
Feng Ruqing did not say anything. She held Tang Yin’s hand softly. It seemed that this action could give unlimited power to Tang Yin.
“Yin’er, are you really going to leave?” Tang Yi was stunned.
Tang Yin could sacrifice that much for Feng Ruqing. How deep was Tang Yin’s love for Feng Ruqing?
Tang Yin bit her lip. “Fengyun Manor’s power is strong. I don’t wish for the Tang family to avenge me. But, I also don’t want to see how the Tang family fawn over Fengyun Manor. How can I stay when Tang Luo has made this kind of decision?”
The whole atmosphere turned heavy.
Tang Luo’s expression was grim.
He wished to have a good relation with Fengyun Manor. But, Tang Yin was equally important to him.
He treated Tang Yin well all these years because of her special physique and her identity. He treated her well intentionally and sometimes he even ignored his own daughter.
But, there were not many changes in Tang Yin except her status as Nan Xian’s fiancée.
Tang Yin’s talent was suppressed and her cultivation was slow.
Therefore, he had promised to fawn over the Fengyun Manor so that the Tang family could have a stand in this reclusive world.
He thought that Tang Yin would understand his kindness toward her. But, she had chosen a stranger over him in the end.
“Yin’er, I do not intend to fawn over Fengyun Manor.” There was a bitter smile on Tang Luo’s handsome face. “It’s just that Yu’er has promised Fengyun Manor first. If we take it back, there’ll be great danger to our Tang family. Yu’er and I have misunderstood that you wanted to steal the Five Spirit Grass before. That’s why I have said what I did not intend to say just now.”
He walked toward Tang Yin. There was a gentle smile on his face instead of coldness.
“You’ve lived here for so many years. Surely you don’t want to endanger the Tang family?”
Tang Yin snorted. “Tang Yu never told me that she would give the Five Spirit Grass to Fengyun Manor.”
Tang Luo was stunned. ‘Yu’er never said that? Then, why did Yu’er said that Tang Yin wanted to come and steal the Five Spirit Grass after knowing about her actions?’
“Master, I believe what Yin’er said.” Tang Er smiled coldly. ‘Tang Yu never said that she wanted the Five Spirit Grass before Qian Ning came back. She spoke about it just after Qian Ning had mentioned it.”
Tang Yu was back at Tang Residence for a few days. If she really needed the Five Spirit Grass, why didn’t she mention it earlier?
Tang Luo’s facial expression turned sourer. “Tang Er, what are you trying to say? Yu’er never lies to me.”
“I must give this Five Spirit Grass to Yin’er no matter what,” Tang Yi said something too. “I did not protect my disciple back then because of the Tang family. Now, I don’t want Yin’er to be hurt anymore. Moreover, Yin’er would surely leave the Tang family if the master does not give her the Five Spirit Grass. You should think properly regarding the significance of the matter.”
The underlying meaning was that Tang Luo needed to consider the importance of both Fengyun Manor and Tang Yin to the Tang family. That who would benefit the Tang family more.
Tang Luo’s lip twitched slightly. He closed his eyes slowly. After a long time, he opened his eyes.
“I’ll go and look for Yu’er. I can still make it.”
Feng Ruqing looked at Tang Luo calmly. “Where is she? I’ll go and look for her myself.”
She could not trust anybody.
She must go and retrieve the Five Spirit Grass in order to avoid any more trouble.
“Little Lady, you cannot locate her because you’re new here and you’re unfamiliar with the place.”
Tang Luo was anxious and nervous around Feng Ruqing. He sounded unfriendly and there was even a tinge of coldness in his voice. “Moreover, I’ll be able to do it since I’ve promised you. I’ll retrieve the Five Spirit Grass for you in two days.”