The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 354 - The Crying Phoenix II

Chapter 354: The Crying Phoenix II
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“Xiao Qing, it is late now. Let’s go back and rest.”
Feng Ruqing’s eyes narrowed.
The most important thing now was obtaining the Five Spirit Grass and leaving the Tang family as soon as possible.
On top of a mountain, the clouds were white—like heaven on Earth.
A young girl in white sat beneath the clouds. There was a soft spiritual qi all around her.
After a while, she exhaled a polluted breath before opening her eyes slowly.
A white phoenix appeared from the sky when the young girl opened her eyes. The phoenix cried and rushed toward the young girl.
“Su Yi, your son has gone too far. He’s done too much!” The white phoenix cried endlessly. It seemed that he had endured great pain. His tears ran down like a waterfall. He was infuriated. “He has taken all the things from the treasure hall. How dare he takes all the things from there!”
Su Yi was stunned. She smiled helplessly. “He has taken the things for his fiancee and not for himself. It’s fine.”
The white phoenix was stunned. He stared at Su Yi in disbelief.
‘Nan Xian has taken all things from the treasury and Su Yi just said that it is fine.’
The white phoenix could not help but cry even more. “Don’t you know how bad he was? I’m so sad that he has taken all the things from the treasury. That bastard has even taken out a porcelain bottle that holds my tears.”
“Isn’t it too much? He is criticizing and humiliating me! He must be jealous of my beautiful feathers and my large body. He must’ve done it intentionally!”
Su Yi was stunned. She did not know that Nan Xian would act like that. She felt rather helpless.
“He might have his own reasons for doing that.”
The white phoenix pointed angrily but helplessly at Su Yi with his wings. “You’re just protecting your son. You bully me like this because of your son. I feel outraged! You can’t make it up to me anymore!”
Su Yi seemed calm. “I’ll leave the mountain after some time.”
‘Leave the mountain?’
The white phoenix was stunned. He had forgotten that he was crying. He stared at Su Yi. “Are you really leaving? Is it because you don’t want me anymore? Are you leaving me behind? Su Yi, don’t tell me that you’re going to look for that man who has left you behind for another woman. I won’t allow it. I prohibit you to go and look for him!”
Su Yi laughed softly. “Him? Do you think that I’ll leave the mountain just because of him?”
“Really?” The white phoenix looked at Su Yi skeptically.
“Of course, that’s true. He has another woman now. For sure he does not need me anymore. He also has other children. Nan Xian will not go back there again. So, why should I go and look for him? I’m going to meet Nan Xian’s fiancée.”
What Su Yi wanted was a loyal companion for life.
She could love bravely before because of that promise.
But, she would not tolerate it anymore after the promise was broken.
The white phoenix asked suspiciously, “Is Nan Xian really getting married? Will she like me?”
Su Yi smiled happily. “All the things in your treasury were given to her. If you’re generous, she might like you.”
The white phoenix was ecstatic. ‘That’s my future family. Although Nan Xian treats me badly, I know that he likes me.
‘If Nan Xian’s wife does not like me then I’ll have no reason to stay anymore…’
“Why do you want her to like you?” Su Yi smiled and asked.
“I…” White Phoenix could not explain himself.
‘Of course, the reason is because of Su Yi.’
But, the white phoenix was still too young to assume a human form. Su Yi would never like him in this state.