The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 355 - The Crying Phoenix III

Chapter 355: The Crying Phoenix III
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The white phoenix would be able to be together with Su Yi if he was able to transform into a human.
“I’m your family. Surely I want her to like me.” The white phoenix raised his chin proudly. “Moreover, I’m beautiful and generous. Of course, she will like me. So, it’s fine if I gave her the things in the treasure room.”
The white phoenix’s heart was aching when he said that.
‘Those are my treasures which I have stored for twenty years.
‘Twenty years is not a short time even if we spirit beasts could live for a long time.
‘Now, they are all gone. All gone!’
“Su Yi, when are we leaving?” The white phoenix flew around Su Yi. There was excitement and happiness in his voice.
Su Yi smiled and asked, “Do you want to go with me?”
“Of course! I can protect you if that bastard annoys you. Moreover…”
Moreover, the white phoenix wanted Nan Xian’s fiancée to know about his existence in this family.
“We’ll leave the mountain once I make a breakthrough.” Su Yi’s eyes narrowed.
The calmness in her eyes was replaced with coldness.
‘It’s been twenty years.
‘I have hidden here for twenty years. Now, it’s time for me to leave.
‘I’ll take revenge for what Nan Xian and I had suffered before.
‘I’ll never go easy on those people who had hurt us!’
The mountain behind the Tang family.
Rong Yan lay on the bed. She looked pale and was too weak to get out of the bed.
Tang Luo rushed there immediately. He felt that his heart was being pricked by a needle when he saw how weak Rong Yan seemed. It was painful.
“Yan’er…” Tang Luo walked to the bed. “Are you sick?”
Initially, Rong Yan was injured. Tang Luo had forced her to stay and gave her some medicine when her injuries were not healed. That was how Rong Yan had lost her memories.
Therefore, Rong Yan’s body became very weak because there were old and new injuries in her body.
For warriors, getting sick was rare. They would not get sick easily even if they used their spiritual qi to get warm. But Rong Yan became like a normal person after that incident. She would get sick easily when she was cold.
But, she liked quietness. She did not allow anybody to wait on her.
Twenty years ago, Tang Luo ordered a maid to go and look after her. But, Rong Yan made her leave. Hence, he never sent anybody to look after her anymore.
“I’m…fine.” Rong Yan’s throat was dry. “You don’t have to worry about me.”
Tang Luo sighed softly. “The Tang family faced some issues these past two days. So, I did not come and visit you and don’t know that you’re sick.”
Rong Yan did not say anything. She lowered her head.
She was quiet and normal when she did not think of her own son and daughter. But, she would go maniac when she thought about them.
“The Tang family obtained only a Five Spirit Grass and yet it caused so much trouble. Tang Yi and Tang Er forced me to give the Five Spirit Grass to Feng Ruqing. If not, Tang Yin will leave the Tang family. However, Yu’er wanted to give the Five Spirit Grass to Feng Yun Manor because she wanted to please Feng Yun Manor. What should I do?”
Tang Luo laughed bitterly when he finished talking. “You don’t know anything about this. I shouldn’t have told you this when you’re sick.”
Rong Yan’s hand clenched her chest tightly. Her face was pale. There was great grief in her eyes.
‘It sounds so familiar.
‘That name is familiar…
‘Why? Why is it so familiar to me? It hurts.’