The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 357 - Feng Ruqing was Shocked II

Chapter 357: Feng Ruqing was Shocked II
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‘No one can take her away from me.
‘No one can do that!’
Tang Luo put Rong Yan to bed. Then, he took the Five Spirit Grass and walked down the mountain.
The young girl’s beautiful face came into this vision when he walked into the manor.
There was a soft smile on the girl’s face. She was combing Tang Yin’s hair with both of her hands.
Tang Yin was like a little wife. She put her head on the girl’s lap. She looked up at the young girl who was stroking her hair. Her eyes were shining.
Tang Luo was stunned. It seemed weird to be in this kind of situation.
Tang Yin was the Tang family’s hope. Not only was she Nan Xian’s fiancée, but she also had a better status in the Tang family compared to Tang Yu and it was all because of her special physique.
If Tang Yin wanted to side with Feng Ruqing, Tang Luo needed to be careful when he wanted to do something to Feng Ruqing.
“Why are you here?”
Tang Yin was enjoying the moment. Suddenly, she saw Tang Luo who was standing at the entrance. Tang Yin was rather dissatisfied and she snorted.
It might be because of her annoyance at Tang Luo’s disruption.
Tang Luo was infuriated but he still smiled gently.
“Yin’er, I’ve brought you the Five Spirit Grass you wanted.”
Tang Yin’s eyes brightened. She quickly got up and left Feng Ruqing’s lap.
‘Finally the Five Spirit Grass is here. We can now leave the Tang family and go on living our happy life.’
“Where’s the Five Spirit Grass?” Tang Yin stretched out her hand at Tang Luo. She was rather rude.
She hated the Tang family as much as she loved the Tang family before.
Tang Luo could not suppress his emotions anymore. His lips twitched then he suppressed his emotions again.
Tang Luo was not a stupid person given that he could become the master of the Tang family. If he did not hand over the Five Spirit Grass, peace would not be restored to the Tang family and Tang Yin would surely leave the Tang family.
‘It’ll be resolved if Yu’er retrieves the Five Spirit Grass.
‘But, we’ve promised Fengyun Manor. If we took it back, Fengyun Manor would surely be angry at the Tang family.’
Hence, he decided to take the Five Spirit Grass which was given by Rong Yan and give it to Tang Yin after much consideration.
Tang Yin took the Five Spirit Grass and ran toward Feng Ruqing happily. “Xiao Qing, faster come and check this out. Is this the real Five Spirit Grass? If he dares to bring a fake one to us, I’ll definitely avenge you.”
Tang Luo did not know what to say.
As the master of the Tang family, Tang Luo would never use a fake spirit herb and lie to others even though he disliked Feng Ruqing.
Feng Ruqing raised her hand and put the Five Spirit Grass in her hand. There was a flash of light in her eyes.
“This is indeed the Five Spirit Grass.”
‘I’ve obtained the Five Spirit Grass. I can brew the spirit herb soup for my father after I obtain the Phoenix’s Tears.’
Feng Ruqing could finally feel less stressful after so many months.
“Xiao Qing, let’s go home now that we’ve obtained the Five Spirit Grass.”
Tang Yin was excited when she thought that she could return to the princess’s manor soon. There was excitement in her eyes. She smiled happily.
Tang Luo did now know how to respond to that.
Tang Yin was quick to forget about her own family.
She was born in the Tang family. Now, she was saying that she wanted to return to another home.
Suddenly, a maid approached them in a rushed manner. She whispered something to Tang Luo.
Tang Luo was stunned. Then, his eyes turned cold and a sarcastic smile appeared on his face.
“Yin’er, you’re just too naive and you don’t know anything about the wickedness of humans.” Tang Luo looked at Feng Ruqing coldly and scornfully. “Do you know why this woman approached you?”
Tang Yin looked at Tang Luo suspiciously. “Do you think that Xiao Qiang would harm the Tang family?”