The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 358 - Feng Ruqing was Shocked III

Chapter 358: Feng Ruqing was Shocked III
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Tang Luo laughed coldly. He looked at Feng Ruqing condescendingly.
“Young girl, it’s a coincidence that one of the Tang family’s accomplices has saved a woman from Liu Yun Kingdom. If not, my niece would continue to be cheated by you. What about you tell her yourself what your true purpose is?”
“Purpose?” Feng Ruqing was stunned. “I thought that my purpose is very obvious.”
Tang Luo did not know what to say.
‘So, Tang Yin still helps her like an idiot even though this girl has told her purpose clearly.’
Feng Ruqing turned and looked at Tang Yin. “I should have told you that I accepted you before because of the Five Spirit Grass.”
Tang Yin almost burst into tears. “Won’t you love me anymore if there’s no Five Spirit Grass?”
Feng Ruqing kept quiet for a while before nodding her head honestly.
Feng Ruqing did indeed have that thought. But, she realized that she could easily accept Tang Yin after finding out that Tang Yin was naive and innocent.
Tang Yin bit her lip and tried to endure the ache in her heart. “It’s fine. I don’t care about your purpose. I’m the one who likes you. It’s not just the Five Spirit Grass, I’d give you anything as long as you ask.”
Tang Luo was shocked.
“Young lady, aren’t you going to tell the truth?” He recovered his senses and his eyes turned cold.
Feng Ruqing shrugged. “Nobody believes me even when I tell the truth. Don’t tell me that you want me to say that I accept her because of love? I just can’t do that kind of crazy thing.”
“You…” Tang Luo scolded angrily. “Feng Ruqing, why don’t you tell Yin’er that you have approached her because of Young Master Nan Xian?”
Feng Ruqing and Tang Yin did not know what to say.
Tang Yin’s body froze when she saw that Feng Ruqing looked at her suspiciously.
Tang Yin tried her best in hiding the secret from Feng Ruqing. She had used up all her strength in hiding the secret as it would destroy Feng Ruqing’s love for her. Now, the cat was out of the bag.
“I do know a person called Nan Xian…” Feng Ruqing turned away. “But, he’s the state preceptor of Liu Yun Kingdom. I don’t know whether he is the same person you’re talking about.”
Tang Luo laughed coldly. “The state preceptor? What kind of status Young Master Nan Xian has? Would he really go and be a state preceptor? Yin’er, I have just received the news just now. This woman relentlessly clings onto Young Master Nan Xian in Liu Yun Kingdom.”
“She approaches you because she knows that you’re Young Master Nan Xian’s fiancée.” Tang Luo seemed rather cold and distant now.
‘Yin’er can’t be this close with Feng Ruqing anymore.’
So, Tang Luo would talk about that incident like it was real, no matter what the truth was. He would put the blame on Feng Ruqing.
“Master, are you telling the truth?”
A few elders had just received the news and they had rushed here just in time to hear Tang Luo’s angry statement.
Tang Yi did not seem to look well.
Tang Yi respected Feng Ruqing for Yin’er’s sake. But, he would not allow any harm to come to Yin’er.
“Young lady.”
But, Tang Yi did not believe what Tang Luo had said. He turned to look at Feng Ruqing. He asked, “Is what the master has said the truth?”
Feng Ruqing thought for a while.
She indeed did relentlessly cling onto the state preceptor.
“If we’re talking about the same person here then it’s the truth.”
Tang Luo was already prepared, in case Feng Ruqing refused to admit to the truth. But, he never thought that she would admit it in front of everybody.
He was stunned and he did not know how to respond to that.