The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 359 - Feng Ruqing was Shocked IV

Chapter 359: Feng Ruqing was Shocked IV
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“Yes, that’s right. I not only clung onto him but I have also hugged him, kissed him, touched him, and slept with him.” Feng Ruqing smiled.
They did sleep together but they had only slept under the same quilt. They did not do anything else.
Tang Luo was shocked again.
The elders of the Tang family were equally shocked. They looked at Feng Ruqing with their eyes full of hatred.
“You cannot enter the Tang family given that you’re such as shameless person!”
“Yin’er, this is what they said would happen when you do not listen to your elders. Now, do you regret it?”
“She approached you all because of Young Master Nan Xian. Do you still want to be with her?”
Tang Luo was stunned for a while. He recovered his senses and he smiled coldly. He stared scornfully. “Feng Ruqing, Young Master would never have a relationship with you. How dare you say that he had slept with you? I heard that Nan Xian hates you so much but it’s you who cling onto him relentlessly. If you’re really treating him like that, you should be dead by now.”
He turned to Tang Yin after he said that.
“Yin’er, do you see now? She approached you because she wants to take your fiancé from you.”
Tang Yin was nervous and anxious after Tang Luo had uncovered the truth.
Tang Yin still did not know how to explain to Feng Ruqing when Tang Luo’s sarcastic voice spoke again.
Tang Yin was infuriated.
“Nonsense! Don’t you incriminate me! What fiancé? Since when did I have a fiancé? Why do I not know anything about that?”
Tang Yin insisted that she did not know anything about that affair. She wanted to prove that those people were just making things up.
“Yin’er?” Tang Yi was quite shocked.
‘Yin’er told us that she’s going to marry Young Master Nan Xian before. Now… why is she saying that she knows nothing about that?’
“I haven’t even met Nan Xian. How could you look for a fiancé for me without asking for my permission? Did I say yes? How is it possible that I would want to marry a stranger?”
The others did not know how to respond to that.
‘Didn’t you say that Nan Xian was both gentle and handsome? You even said that you like him.”
“Nan Xian is a vixen. He dares to take the woman I like away from me. It’s impossible that I’ll be the fiancée to a vixen!” Tang Yin blushed. “If it is not for my inability to beat Nan Xian in a fight, that vixen would never be able to approach Xiao Qing.”
The others were silent again.
‘This seems weird. How did the events all lead up to this?
‘She even called Young Master Nan Xian a vixen.
‘She does not want him to be around Feng Ruqing.’
“I couldn’t train fast enough before because of the problem with my body. We were afraid that people might notice my sudden improvement. That’s for my safety. I had listened to you. But, I regret it now. I want to train harder. I want to beat that vixen—Nan Xian!”
Tang Yi looked helplessly at Tang Yin’s angry face. His eyes were filled with confusion. He asked, “Yin’er, are you sure that you don’t want to marry Young Master Nan Xian?”
“I don’t even know him. Why would I marry him? I want to marry the person I love!”
‘But, you said that you won’t marry anyone else other than Nan Xian before.’
Tang Yi seemed to realize something. He looked at Tang Yin with complicated feelings. Then, he turned to look at Feng Ruqing. He sighed softly.
‘It’s fine as long as Yin’er is happy. Just let her have her way.”
All of a sudden, the way how Tang Yi looked at Feng Ruqing changed.
It was calm and serene before. But, now… it seemed like Tang Yi was looking at his grandson-in-law.
Feng Ruqing was shocked the whole time.
‘What happened?
‘What am I doing?
‘Where am I?’