The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 361 - This is a Set Up II

Chapter 361: This is a Set Up II
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‘Is Tang Zi a traitor? Nonsense!’
Empress Nalan had been dead for many years. The original master did not understand the situation. Even so, Tang Zi had endured all the hardships and she had never given up.
‘How is it possible that Tang Zi is a traitor?’
Tang Yin was stunned too.
It was impossible that Tang Yin did not know about Tang Zi who had served in the Iron-Blooded army. But, she had never guessed that Tang Yin came from the Tang family.
It seemed that Master Tang Yi was the one who had protected Tang Yin that year when she was being harmed by the Tang family.
“Xiao Yin…” Tang Yin turned and she was met with a pair of cold and distant eyes.
There was a deep anger in the young girl. The wind all around had become wild too.
Feng Ruqing was like a fierce lion. Tang Yin had never seen Feng Ruqing like that.
But, her being like that could calm people down.
Tang Yin bit her lip and she held Feng Ruqing’s hand. It was like her action showed that she would always stand by Feng Ruqing’s side no matter what happened.
‘Forever! Never give up!’
“Master, all that I do is for Xiao Yin’s sake.”
Tang Yi had his own decisions.
He could choose not to believe Feng Ruqing. He also would never believe in Tang Yin.
‘Maybe… there’s really something between Young Master Nan Xian and Feng Ruqing.’
Tang Yi searched for a partner for Tang Yin before because he wanted a strong force as a protection for her. If Feng Ruqing did have some kind of relation with Young Master Nan Xian, then maybe… Feng Ruqing could protect Tang Yin too.
Tang Yi sighed softly.
‘Xiao Yin, I can only do this much for you. If you don’t like the Tang family, then just don’t ever come back here…’
“Tang Yi!” Tang Luo’s facial expression changed suddenly. He scolded angrily, “Tang Er, Tang Si, Tang Wu, go and take Yin’er away. I don’t want her to turn rogue.”
Elder Tang San was ordered to go and look for Tang Yu as he was not at the Tang family at the moment. There were only four elders in the Tang family.
It was apparent that Tang Yi wanted to side with Tang Yin.
Tang Er said nothing and did nothing. It seemed that he had ignored Tang Luo’s command.
Tang Si and Tang Wu were prepared and ready. They walked toward Tang Yin.
“Stop!” Tang Yi was outrageous. The wild wind blew at his sleeves. There was a determination in Tang Yi’s eyes. “I am here today. No one can touch Yin’er!”
He turned and looked at Feng Ruqing.
“Feng Ruqing, just take Yin’er away from the Tang family. I could hold them here.”
Feng Ruqing seemed calm. There was no emotion which Tang Yi could see in her seemingly calm black eyes.
He continued talking. “I just ask for a favor. Please take care of Yin’er for me. I’ll let you leave without a scratch today if you’re able to take good care of her.”
Yin’er was not Tang Yi’s granddaughter but Tang Yi treated her like one because it was he who had taken care of her since young.
Tang Yi was also the only person who treated Tang Yin with a true heart in the Tang family.
Tang Er chose Tang Yin because of his strong friendship with Tang Yi.
Feng Ruqing was still silent. There seemed to be a great storm in her seemingly calm eyes.
She raised her eyes and scanned all the people present there. Suddenly, there was a cold sneer on her face.
“I came to the Tang family for a deal. Now, it seems that this reclusive world is not a big deal.”
The Tang family was just labeling people as traitors because of what the others said.
‘How could Tang Zi have endured all of this here for twenty years?
‘If Tang Zi did not meet my mother, would Tang Zi still be alive now?’